NerdTV and Sports: Mickey Rourke back for boxing in Moscow, 11.08.2014

28 Nov

#Football: #FIFA Rankings Table For November #fotboll #sports

28 Nov

Romania is the only nation present in top 15 that hasn’t participated at the World Cup earlier this year.

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#Football: #UEFA Rankings Table #sports #fotboll

28 Nov

Marked with the red line, is the last place for a country to send two teams into the UEFA Champions League qualifiers.

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#Gaming: This Guy Got An 8 In #Minesweeper #spel #windows #sweclockers

28 Nov

Do you remember Minesweeper? It’s that insane hard game on the older versions of Windows, where you get to press with your mouse on squares and different numbers unfold, untill you click and a bomb appears and then it’s game over.
If you have enough luck, it looks something like this:

You don’t know what will show up as both numbers and bombs are masked by the squares. It’s insane hard to complete the game without hitting any bomb as you don’t know what you will get next. Both numbers and scores are randomized. In order to complete the game, the player has to find the hidden number 8 on the screen.

Apparently, user “cfwin” over at the Swedish computer- forum Sweclockers, managed to complete the game. Picture below:

Svenskt #Hiphop: Lyssna på Akis och Stors skiva ‘REDLINE IS FOR THE CHILDREN’ #redline #redlinerecordings #rödnovember

28 Nov

Lyssna på Aki’s och Stor’s skiva “Redline is for the children’ som släpptes på iTunes och Spotify för bara någon timme sedan. Här är det färsk musik som gäller! Video kommer ut snart, inom några dagar. Albumet, tillsammans med videon, är det sista släppet för årets Rödnovember. Lyssna på skivan här nedan.

#Movies: New Trailer For ‘JUPITER ASCENDING’ #film #nytt #JupiterAscending

27 Nov

I am not sure, as I have not watched all the trailers yet, but it is said that finally the plot is revealed in this one.

The movie stars Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum and is written and directed by two of the best sci-fi- writers and directors: the Wachowskis, the same pair of brothers who gave us ‘The Matrix‘- trilogy.

It will premiere on February 6, 2015.

#ICYMI: #Arrow #Flash Crossover Event #Trailer #CW #series #superheroes

27 Nov

5 more days untill the event: the first of the 2 crossover episodes of The Flash and Arrow. Watch it on CW.


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