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Tittar Just Nu

30 Dec

Modern Family (på Netflix).

How does Google handle duplicate content?

30 Dec

Video Blogg: Titta på GeekeenBoy på Östermalm på YouTube

30 Dec

Filmning och redigering: Atilio Vasquéz

Hobbiten 2 Fortfarande BioEtta I USA

30 Dec

Hobbiten 2 med bland annnan Michael Persbrandt i en av rollerna fortsätter vara etta även under helgen som har precis avslutats med 29,8 miljoner $ indragna.

Tvåa på listan är Frozen med 1 miljon mindre – 28,8 miljoner dollar indragna under helgen.
Hela listan kan läsas här:


Secret Billionaire – The Chuck Feeney Story (Documentary)

30 Dec

Secret Billionaire – The Chuck Feeney Story (Documentary)

Chuck Feeney has just put into practice something he had been considering for many years. He has decided that all the vast wealth he accumulated in his lifetime should be given away while he is still alive. The graying but well preserved 72-year-old New Jersey native persuaded the board of Atlantic Philanthropies, which he created two decades ago, to convert its $4 billion in assets into cash, disperse it to good causes over the next 12 to 15 years, and shut up shop.

It is better, he reckons, to concentrate its vast resources on the problems of today, and leave it to the next generation of philanthropists to address the issues of the future. He hopes his example of giving now to make a meaningful impact will encourage other philanthropists to increase their charitable giving while alive. He is convinced that it is the right thing to do. He intends that “Giving While Living” should be his legacy.

For this reason, Chuck Feeney broke a life-long practice of avoiding the media and agreed for the first time to talk about his rise from modest beginnings to billionaire status as the founder of Duty Free Shops and about his decision to give it all away.

Source via Youtube.


The Homeless who Became a Millionaire, Chris Gardner Speaks In Detail About His Life

30 Dec

Here is the story of Chris Gardner which was the basis for the movie and book, “The Pursuit of Happyness.” I don’t think there is really any lower you can go in life and to work your way out is just amazing, but also a reminder that each of us has the capacity to do amazing things. We all have problems, but are yours much worse than his were?


part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

part 5:

part 6:



T-ARA – Do you know me?

30 Dec

Geekeenboy takes on Kpop the form of music that is created to make instant Success, an evidence is PSY with hit song Gangnamstyle with over One Billion Views on youtube, year 2012. / Over One Billion views that is insanely good!

More info about Kpop:


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