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NerdTV and Documentary: #Inside #The #Dark #Web

29 Oct

“Twenty-five years after the World Wide Web was created, the issue of surveillance has become the greatest controversy of its existence. With many concerned that governments and corporations can monitor people’s every move, this programme meets hackers and scientists who are using technology to fight back, as well as the law enforcement officers who believe it’s leading to opportunities for risk-free crimes.

With contributors including World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee and WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange.”

NerdTV: #Nick #goes #round #the #world

29 Oct

NerdTV and Economy: #Jordan #Belfort The Real Wolf of Wall Street – #Wealth #Creation

20 Oct

The Wolf Of Wall Street – Jordan Belfort – Inner Game Of Wealth Creation
Straight Line Persuasion
Jordan Belfort – Straight Line.

“Short Info about Jordan Belfort:
Jordan Ross Belfort born July 9, 1962) is an American motivational speaker and former stockbroker. He was convicted of fraud crimes related to stock market manipulation and running a boiler room as part of a penny stock scam, for which he spent 22 months in prison. He recounted his life in his memoir, The Wolf of Wall Street, and a film adaptation, released in 2013, was directed by Martin Scorsese and starred Leonardo DiCaprio as Belfort.

Documentary and Gaming: #China’s Web Junkies: Internet Addiction| #Op-Docs | The New York Times

20 Oct

“A short documentary about a Chinese boot-camp-style treatment center for young men “addicted” to the Internet.”

Smartphone Addiction: A Comedic #Documentary

20 Oct

“We all love smartphones. That’s why we have one.

Without a doubt, almost everything is a touch away with the use of smart phones; one can stay updated with online news, one can look at the newest trending video, and one can remain connected with a friend halfway across the world. Although the smart phone is a technology that can gather everything at our fingertips and help people stay connected with the world, ironically it disconnects people from the real world and results in a technological epidemic.

Yes, smart phones gives us ease of access to everything; yes, we can stay connected with our friends have way across the world; yes, our Instagram or Twitter followers are important, but we must learn how to get in and get back into our world. People should be able to feel that they’re connected, but not so that they must do it every ten minutes. Limiting exposure is the first step of being cured from this technological epidemic. The emancipation of our smart phones and our soul is what will make this technology truly productive and innovative.”

NerdTV and Gaming: #Gamerade – Best Video Quality With #Old #Game #Consoles – SCART to HDMI – #Adam #Koralik

20 Oct

“In this video I will show you a well kept secret about how to get a lot of older game consoles to have the best picture quality. It’s the miracle that is SCART and its full RGB signal, and how you can convert it to HDMI in an upscaled 720p or even full 1080p image and make it look astonishingly beautiful. Seriously, it blows my mind how good this looks.”

NerdTV: #Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us (Parody) “FRIEND ZONE US”

20 Oct

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