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Art and Science: #Art – #Dynamic #Structure #29117

16 Nov

“Kinetic object with 32 independently moving lines. Controlled by an integrated computersystem. The video shows some of the constantly changing ordered and random structures that appear and disappear. Dimensions: 4.20m X 2.80m. 2007 – 2010.”

#News och #Kultur: Staten Återinför Gratis Entré På Statliga Museer

17 Oct

18 muséer inför gratis inträde.

Saxat från Aftonbladets webbupplaga:

Den nya regeringen återinför gratis entré på statliga museer.
Syftet är att minska bildningsklyftan mellan olika grupper i samhället.
– Det här är en av mina favoritreformer, det finns andra värden i livet än att bara jobba, säger finansminister Magdalena Andersson (S).

Länk till Aftonbladet med tillhörande video:

#Movie: The Painter (2012)

7 Oct

“The most closed and shadowed place : “The Korean Art Scene”. What’s it like to live inside there?…For a long time, Korea’s Arts scene was the field that was most hidden under a veil and concealment.To exist as an Artist, not compromising to gain the popularity of the people and work for his artistic visions is simply asking for a rough, hard way of living.
This film is not a fantasy about the romantic lives of the painters of the 19th century.
This is a painter’s serene self narrative of conflicts living in the 21st century, which has totally lost its romance and purity of the Arts. His life includes no passionate romance, exaggeration for artistic chatharsis, no overnight drunken debates.
Only the dose of loneliness and cold reality that is shoved into his face daily, and the calm feelings of sorrow are drily melted into his works.
This is a story about not only the painters in fine Arts, but ALL the pure artists of all genres, who refuses to climb the ladder of compromise and adaptation and lives alone staying true to his Arts.”

Art: When #Jean-Michel #Basquiat went to Africa

7 Oct
Jean-Michel Basquiat, the first American artist of African descent to achieve international stardom, often referenced Africa or the African diaspora in his work. Take, for example, 1983′s “The Nile” (a painting that featured nods to Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Nile and the Nuba in Sudan) and “Gold Griot” (1984).
Read more via the link below:

Works by Jean-Michel Basquiat

Art and Grafitti: #Bombing in #Copenhagen summer 2013

5 Oct

“TagsAndThrows bought train tickets to go to the lovely city of Copenhagen to take pictures of tags and throw-ups. While there we linked up with Ozone, Vanity and Bravo for a couple of beers and a night around the city. Music by Smutskatt.”

NerdTV and Art: #1956, #Pablo #Picasso (aged 75) #paints #in #real-time

9 Sep

“The first half of the complete movie is in black/white, the second half, color—guessing that was done due to the expense of color film.”

NerdTV: #Jean #Michel #Basquiat: #The #Radiant #Child #Panel #Discussion

9 Sep
“View a screening of Jean Michel Basquait: The Radiant Child at the Museum of the African Diaspora (MOAD). Following the film, a panel of academics and artists discuss the enduring impact of this legendary artist.”


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