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Kotaku: A Beginner’s Guide To Making Your First Video Game

14 Jan

“Game development has exploded over the last few years, and now it seems like everyone is making a video game. You’ve got big studios full of hundreds of people. You’ve got small teams making incredible games. There are more people in independent game development than ever. This is an amazing thing, because everyone brings their unique experience and sensibilities to game design.”

Read the article here:

Software Developers Top The List Of The Best Jobs For 2014

12 Dec

“Forbes Tech News ‏@ForbesTech 1m
Software developers top the list of the best jobs for 2014

Barak, Zuckerberg and Apple Get Kids Coding!

12 Dec

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Albert Einstein – “Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas”

I have a remarkable girlfriend who happens to be a High School Maths Teacher (she makes great pi). Now, a few questions she deals with on a regular basis are, “when will I ever needs maths?”, “why should I learn this, I won’t have to use it in a job?” and “why does maths suck so much?” (forget the last one, because maths is awesome).

As a Recruitment Consultant who specialises in Data Analytics, day in and day out I speak to Mathematics graduates and professionals, and I can assure there are incredible careers to be had when you’re a Numbers Ninja.


Yesterday, Apple held its first “Hour of Code” youth workshops as part of the campaign to introduce Computer Science to children and teenagers. This campaign is fronted by…

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Do you want to create video games?

27 Nov

If you do, then you maybe would want to check out Game Maker Studio.
Game Maker Studio costs $50 but it’s free for download under a limited time.
Check it out:

Unity 4.3 out now

14 Nov

The game engine Unity have been updated to 4.3 with improved 2D graphics and physics. It is free.
From Unity’s homepage:
“The free version of Unity for Windows. Includes publishing support for iOS, Android, Windows Store, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, desktop and Web, and a 30 day trial of Unity Pro (with Pro publishing for iOS, Android, Windows Store, Windows Phone and BlackBerry).”
As a developer or even a hobby programmer one should perhaps check it out.
You can download it here.

For beginners: XAMPP and “Hello world” in PHP

9 Oct

XAMPP is a tool for those wishing to script PHP with Apache, mySQL and PHP distributions that install themselves.
I recommend it for those of you who wish to start learning scripting with PHP.

After installing and starting it:
1. You will have to type “localhost” in your webbrowser in order to access PHP-enabled webpages.
2. The index file that it will access is to be found in the XAMPP/htdocs – folder.
3. There you should create a folder for accessing your own Projects. If you for example will have a folder named “Test” you will access it by typing “localhost/Test” in your webbrowser.
4. You will have to create an index page in order to have something to access from your Test- folder. 5. Simply create a file in whichever notepadish application you wish to and type following:

echo ‘Hello world';

6. Save your file as index.php in your test directory and try to access it by typing “localhost/Test/index.php
7. You will get a webpage with says “Hello world” as an answer to your request.
P.S. You have to activate Apache from the XAMPP Control board else it won’t work.

Good luck!
You can find XAMPP here.

To think off when you start coding and developing

23 Sep

What to think off when you start coding

1. Your code will change
All you code won’t be there when your project is done. Code changes, some needs to be removed, some needs to be developed. You shouldn’t get stucked in your coding but change the approach to find the solutions. Also, if you code for the fun of it, you might rethink over the functions you shall develop as some might need to get changed and the result can often can a lot better than you might think of.

2. Code something fun
It takes coding to learn how to code. You need to code something that feels fun and usefull for your coding abilities. You shouldn’t start a big project right away but code some chunks and find use of your kknowledge as well as learing new skills. The must fun you will have is when you will discover what code actually does, wich means you should be mobile with your code, as it will change, be mobile with the functions, as they might needed to be changed and don’t be afraid to discover what your own code does.

3. Google
When you feel stuck up in your code, just google for the solutions. Stackoverflow has the most of the answers to your problems as well as it gives inspiration for your coding. A lot of professionals ask for help so you shouldn’t get scared off if yopu feel the need for help. Remember this: just knowing what to google for shows you got the skills needed to in order to continue with your projects.

Good luck and have fun developing!


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