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NerdTV and Gaming: #Alpha – #Street #Fighter #Assassin’s #Fist #Episode 0

1 Sep


We flash foward in this prologue to find best of friends and bitterest of rivals Ryu & Ken face off in a potentially lethal showdown. How did it come to this? Begin the journey to find out!

Superheroes and Video Games: #GTA IV #Batman Mod – #Awesome #Batmobile with Real #Weapons

25 Aug

“This mod makes me happy! I’m really excited that I will be able to make LCPDFR Batman videos! Its going to be awesome!”

Batman Begins Dark Knight Mod Gameplay

NerdTV and Video Games: #PewDiePie – The #Ultimate Rage

25 Aug

#Gaming: ‘WORLD OF WARCRAFT: LORDS OF DRAENOR’ Cinematic #Trailer #spel #WoW

20 Aug

Biljettpriserna För Comic Con Stockholm #ComicConSthlm

15 Aug

Priserna för biljetterna som släpps i början av September är satta:

Dagsbiljett torsdag/fredag – 180 kr

Dagsbiljett lördag – 200 kr

Dagsbiljett söndag – 150 kr
Flerdagarsbiljett – 450 kr
Barn under 4-7 år – 90 kr

Barn 0-3 år – gratis inträde
VIP-biljett – 490 kr


Kotaku: Here’s The World’s First Level 1000 Diablo III Character #DiabloIII

15 Aug

Read Kotaku’s article:

#Gaming: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – World Setting

13 Aug

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