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#NerdTV: #Videogames The Movie (2014) #gaming #spel

22 Oct

Videogames The Movie is a documentary about videogames, released in 2014. It discusses the brief history of videogames from the very beginning, with games like Pong, to today’s videogames, featuring top notch interviews with the big names from the industry and also features a great documentation and soundtrack. The documentary presents many of our favorite characters through generations of gaming that have now become iconic. It’s really interesting and worth taking a look. It’s about 1 hour and 40 minutes long so make sure you grab your popcorn or chips and soda and enjoy it!

#GamingGrannar: Spelköpen I Japan

22 Oct

Bloggen GamingGrannar har åkt till Japan och köpt sig spel. Som de bekantat sina besökare med, har de släppt en ny video. Denna gång, med spelköpen som de gjort där borta. Spana in deras blogg på eller se direktvideon via Youtube, just nedan.

#Gaming: #Xbox To #XOne #Infographic

21 Oct

Check out this sweet infographic over the history of Xbox, starting in 1999 and ending with the XOne. This infographic’s source is NeoGAF:

#Gaming: ‘SHADOW OF MORDOR’ Gets A Free DLC Pack #spel #ShadowOfMordor #LOTR

21 Oct

The DLC will be called ‘Power of Shadow’ and is now available for XOne, soon to be also for the PS4 and the PC. The pack allows players to play as one of Sauron’s Black Hands, one of his fearsome servants.

Also, there will be new weapons and abilities, due to new Runes of Power.

#Gaming: The Global Chart For The Week Ending 4th Otober #spel

21 Oct

The PS4 is once again king, reaching now 11,447,553 units, according to Xbox One has sold over 5,7 million units since its launch, but remember that launch in PAL teritories has taken Microsoft untill September this year. Is unfair to compare them both, but we all still do, since they are the next gen consoles.

Super Smah Bros for 3DS is the most selling game of the week with nearly one million units. It has now reached over 2,3 million in its 4 weeks since the launch.
Shadow of Mordor has sold over halv a million on the Playstation 4 and 260 000 on the Xbox One.

On the last gen side, the Xbox 360 still leads over the total software sales with over 40 million over those of the PS3.

Enjoy the charts i picture form below.

#Gaming And #Journalism: #Gamergate In 60 Seconds #spel

21 Oct

Wonder what the #Gamergate is all about? Check out the video below exploring it in 60 seconds.

If you want to, check out the 15/10 update video on the matter.

Documentary and Gaming: #China’s Web Junkies: Internet Addiction| #Op-Docs | The New York Times

20 Oct

“A short documentary about a Chinese boot-camp-style treatment center for young men “addicted” to the Internet.”


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