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#Gaming: ‘THE DIVISION’ Is Aiming For ‘Endless Gameplay’ #TheDivision #Ubisoft #spel #PC #PS4 #XOne

24 Oct


Swedish developed The Division will launch next year for PC, PS4 and XOne.

#Apps And #Gaming: HITMAN GO Adds Hitman 2 Inspired Levels #iOS #Android

24 Oct

Hitman GO is a mobile Hitman-game for iOS and Android. Square Enix are the producers behind it and they have now added 8 new levels to the game. The levels are inspired by Hitman 2: Silent Assasins, a game that was released 2002 for PC, Xbox and PS2.

The 8 levels will add up to the game’s other 83 levels which bring us to a total of 91 levels. The publisher has also dropped the price of the game for a week to 1.99$.

Square Enix next mobile Hitman installment is called Hitman Sniper and has already released in Canada for iOS earlier this month, but will arrive to the rest of the world this winter.

#Gaming: Watch New Footage Of #XOne Exclusive ‘QUANTUM BREAK’ #QuantumBreak #spel

24 Oct

#Gaming: ‘#CIVILIZATION: BEYOND EARTH’ Släpps Idag #spel #BeyondEarth

24 Oct

#Gaming And #TV: ‘#HALO #NIGHTFALL’ Official Trailer #series

23 Oct

Halo Nightfall premieres on November 11th, for those who have purchased The Masterchief Collection. Ridley Scott will produce the series.

#Gaming: En Svensk Kung I Kommande ‘ASSASIN’S CREED: UNITY’ #AC #AssasinsCreed #Unity #spel

23 Oct

Assasin’s Creed Unity är det sjunde spelet i serien Assasin’s Creed och släpps i November och December till PC, PS4 och XOne.

Tidigare i veckan har det avslöjats om att Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte (f. 26 Januari 1763 – d. 8 Mars 1844) kommer att gestaltas i spelet. Jean-Baptiste var en fransk armé officerare som sedan blev Sveriges konung. Han är
förfader till dagens kung Carl Gustav.

#NerdTV: #Videogames The Movie (2014) #gaming #spel

22 Oct

Videogames The Movie is a documentary about videogames, released in 2014. It discusses the brief history of videogames from the very beginning, with games like Pong, to today’s videogames, featuring top notch interviews with the big names from the industry and also features a great documentation and soundtrack. The documentary presents many of our favorite characters through generations of gaming that have now become iconic. It’s really interesting and worth taking a look. It’s about 1 hour and 40 minutes long so make sure you grab your popcorn or chips and soda and enjoy it!


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