Endciv has just poped up on Steam Greenlight and accrding to reports, it’s pretty solid. It is described as a Fallout meets The Sims kind of game and promises depth to the gameplay.

Here you can read more about what the game is all about: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=614900706

Video Game Website GameTrailers Closes After 13 Years


And here is a tweet from its founder and boss


Source: http://kotaku.com/video-game-website-gametrailers-closes-after-13-years-1757939279

‘TITANFALL 2’ Single-Player Story Campaign Confirmed

The first Titanfall launched as an Xbox One- exclusive and was very well received by both players and critics. But one of the downfalls with the game was that there was no single- player campaign nor challenges.

Now it has been revealed that a campaign mode will be introduced in the sequel. For more information, visit: http://screenrant.com/titanfall-2-single-player-story-campaign/

PS4 Title To Be Ported To NX Because Of ‘Too Graphical Demanding’

According to a report, a PS4 title will be ported to Nintendo NX. There is no word on which title it could be but it’s because it’s being “too graphical demanded” for Sony‘ beast.

The report states as well that key third party developers already have NX development units. This is credible as the developers need those for a while before the launch of a console, specially if they are working on a launch title.

It should be known that the developer that has reported this has not gotten his dev kit yet, but Nintendo has informed him when he could get it.

And as it have been even since it’s became known that Nintendo is working on their next console – NX – the developer states that the console will be released after summer this year.

Keep in mind that Nintendo has not announced anything yet so take this information with a grain of salt.

Check Out The Intro To ‘DARK SOULS III’

You might have heard about earlier iterations of the Dark Souls series and much might be about that the games are hard and unmercyful to the player. Dead can lurk around every corner. Below is the opening cinematic to the game that will be released April 12 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Enjoy the video dudes!

The Top ‘WITCHER 3’ Mods As Chosen By CD Projekt Red

“CD Projekt Red teamed up with ESL to produce a rundown of the best Nexus mods by the Witcher 3 community.

Follow all of our Witcher 3 coverage at http://www.pcgamer.com/the-witcher-3-…

Text source: Youtube video description