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#Gaming: So We Played ‘#BATTLEFIELD #HARDLINE’ Multiplayer Demo #spel

31 Oct

My first impression is that much hasn’t changed. The cop and robber theme brings a sligthly different atmosphere to the game. It’s not pure war anymore, as we’ve been used with in this franchise but more like a battle. A battle between cops and robbers.

We’ve got the chance to try out the PC version of Battlefield: Hardline. Much is still the same. The gameplay is still the same. There are new vehicles to try out such as motorbikes and cars and controling them feels good. The demo was a bit buggy, while spectating, but it is to be expected as this is just a demo.

Also, I’m not used to play Battlefield on PC, but on console, which made the game a bit difficult for me. I had only 1 kill and 2 assists in nearly 20 minutes during which the testout round was played.

The graphics are pretty cool and the lighting is dynamic and great. The map I’ve tried out was cool as well, yet this feels not as war should feel like. It feels more like a stripped down Battlefield experience. I would still buy it!

Notereview: 3 out of 5
(Remember that this was only a MP demo)

#Gaming: Global Sales For The Week Ending 11th October #spel

31 Oct

#ComicConSthlm/#Games: Today We Are Visiting The Convent

31 Oct

Today, I am going to Comic Con Stockholm/Gamex, which is a convent for movies, tv series, manga, comics and games. Today it starts at 10.00 local time, I will be there somewhere around 10.30. The other half of the blogg will be on place two hours later. Expect pictures, previews and maybe some reviews. Our Youtube channel might also get some updates so follow us and stay tunned!

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#Gaming: Take A Look At ‘#MAGICKA 2′ #spel

30 Oct

Swedish based developer Paradox Interactive will show a demo of their upcoming title ‘Magicka 2‘. Magicka 2 is the sequel to Magicka, a RPG game that was underrated by gamers. Hoppefully, the same thing won’t happen again. The demo will be showcased at Stockholm Comic Con on Friday 16.30, local time.

Check out one of the game’s first missions in the video below. This is the only known gameplay video of the game.

And here is the E3 announcement trailer:

#Gaming: ‘NBA 2K15′ Is Free To Play This Weekend #NBA2K15 #NBA

30 Oct

NBA 2K15 is free-to-play on Steam this weekend beginning from now, to celebrate the NBA season kickoff. OBS! Only on PC.

#Spel: ‘GTA V’ Har Sålt I 34 Millioner exemplar #gaming #GTA

30 Oct

Take Two har nyligen utannonserat att Rokstars senaste storsäljare – GTA 5 – har sålt i 34 millioner exemplar. Denna titel har släppts till både PS3 och Xbox360 förra hösten.

GTA 5 kommer till PS4 och Xbox One den 18 November i USA och 21 i Europa.

En annan intressant sak är att företaget inte utesluter en GTA HD samling för nya generations konsoler.

#Gaming: VIDEO Check Out ‘GTA: SAN ANDREAS’ On Xbox 360 #spel #GTA #SanAndreas #Xbox360

29 Oct

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