Beats Music Is Shutting Down This Month


Apple is shutting down Beats Music on November 30th.

At that point subscribers will have to move over to Apple Music if they want to keep their music and playlists.

Beats Music hasn’t been accepting new subscribers since around the time Apple Music went live on iOS and is now available on Android aswell.


After last’s Thursday’s ‘Biografi‘ by Mohammed Ali, today it’s Amsie Brown‘s turn to drop a single. ‘Baddaren‘, produced by Partillo. You can listen to the track, aswell as a Dub- version and the instrumental below- via Spotify.


Redline Records’ Rödnovember has begun one week ago with Mohammed Ali – Biografi.
Check out the tune on Spotify. If you don’t have it, make sure you install it, as you instantly gain access to almost all of the world’s music.