Spelades upp live den 27 aug. 2015
Each month DNews will sit down with NASA to discuss amazing space topics!

This month, we’ll be talking about Jupiter’s icy moon Europa. Could its subsurface oceans harbor life? What extreme engineering challenges would we have to overcome to explore it? What field work is going on on Earth right now to help find life on other worlds?

Our guests will include:
Kevin Hand
Astrobiologist and Deputy Chief Scientist, Solar System Exploration

Bobak Ferdowsi
Engineer, proposed Europa Clipper mission, aka “NASA Mohawk Guy”

Morgan Cable
Chemist, JPL postdoctoral fellow
Text source: Youtube video description

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About this course
Super-Earths And Life is a course about alien life, how we search for it, and what this teaches us about our place in the universe.

In the past decade astronomers have made incredible advances in the discovery of planets outside our solar system. Thirty years ago, we knew only of the planets in our own solar system. Now we know of thousands circling nearby stars.

Meanwhile, biologists have gained a strong understanding of how life evolved on our own planet, all the way back to the earliest cells. We can describe how simple molecules can assemble themselves into the building blocks of life, and how those building blocks might have become the cells that make up our bodies today.

Super-Earths And Life is all about how these two fields together – astronomy and biology – can answer one of our most powerful and primal questions: are we alone in the universe?

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