Superherofeed is a popular twitter account concerning all things superhero and geeky in general, with a range from comics to gaming and everything in between.

I have suggested my visitors to follow this account a couple of times.

Twitter user Gambit is one of the masterminds behind Superherofeed. He has just a couple of minutes ago, uploaded this battle layout.

Probably it will be used to compare characters and actors. Enjoy and Pay them a visit, at least!   

Shazam And Save Your Tracks

One of the greatest apps out there for both Android and the iOS is Shazam.
Shazam allows you to get to know which songs you like or which ones that you are listening to, by letting you Shazam the music that is on. That will contribute to you finding out new hot songs.
Besides that, Shazam lets you save your “Shazams” (as this action of finding out a certain song is called) and lets you have a full list of all the songs you have Shazm’ed if you log in with your facebook- account, for example.

Every week, there is a top 100 of the tracks in your country of residence that Shazam is choosing for you, as well as updates from time to time with hot videos that you should check out. Shazam is all about music and the music presented is hot, as users from around the globe “choose” the music by Shazaming it.

You can also share your Shazams on different social media sites, or create playlists of the music that you’ve just discovered.

For Swedish iOS users, you can download the app right here:

For Sweidsh Android users, you can download it here:

Discover more by visiting Shazam’s official webpage:

Social Media: Two Accounts You Should Follow #Twitter #Instagram

There are millions, if not hundred of millions accounts on Instagram and Twitter. Fortunately, both social media apps allows you to find people based on your preferences, such as who you follow, and suggests other users that may interest you.

It’s a nice feature that allows you to connect with other people based on your interests and hobbies. Now I’m gonna suggest two accounts you should follow:

I follow this account for the latest on superheroes. News, rumors and other fun stuff.
Twitter And Innstagram: @superherofeed

Dan Bilzerian
This is a poker- millionaire that enjoy sharing with us his interest for weapons and women. Earlier, he stated that he made the account for us to follow his life.
Instagram: @danbilzerian

I will update you with new accounts to follow in the sea of the social media. Enjoy these two for now!