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#Tech And #Gadget: #Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Is Coming Out Of The Closet

30 Oct


Tim Cook admits that he is gay!

#Tech And #Gadget: #VIDEO Se En #iPhone6 Plus Bli Överkörd Utav En Stridsvagn #apple #iPhone6Plus

27 Oct

Kolla videon och bedöm själv hur bra luren klarade sig.

#Gadget: The World’s Fastest #Android Smartphone Is… #mobile

26 Oct

It migt take a while for the tweet to load, so please be kind and have patience.

The answer is the Galaxy S5 Plus. Samsung has switched the Snapdragon 801 chipset to the Snapdragon 805. This means that the smartphone runs at the same hardware as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Click on the link if you want to know more about Samsung latest project.

#NerdTV: ‘Secret History Of Silicon Valley’ #siliconvalley #google #facebook #windows #microsoft #apple #tech

25 Oct

Got this tip from WikiLeaks twitter account.

#Apps: #PhotoMath Is The App That Solves Your #Math Problems

22 Oct

PhotoMath uses your phones camera to solve your algebra exercises. You just point the camera towards the question and BOOM, the app gives you the answer. Is not perfect yet, as some minor problems have been repported by some sites covering the app but the same reports says it’s still pretty good.

I have been looking after it on Google Play but haven’t found it yet.

Photo by Rhett Allain

Tech: Leaked Picture Of Nexus 6

14 Oct

#Computerworld: #Microsoft has lost $1.7 billion on #Surface thus far #MS #Tech

7 Aug

Microsoft continued to lose money on its Surface tablets throughout its just-concluded 2014 fiscal year, adding hundreds of millions of dollars in red ink and boosting total losses to $1.7 billion since the device’s 2012 launch.”

Computerworld does the math and the conclusion is that Microsoft has lost 1.7 billion $ since Surface’s launch in 2012.
Read more here:


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