APPLE Focuses On VR, Or At Least Seems So

Perhaps not being a surprise, Apple wants a bit of the VR cake.

The company has recently hired folks that are specialised in VR. That, in combination with the submited various patents for VR technique should ring the bell to everybody. How they will or when they will have a product ready for showcasing purposes, a prototype, is unclear.

According to TeknikHype, Apple has earlier bought companies that are working with VR – Primesens, Perceptio, Metaio and Facelift

Could it be Apple‘s next big hit?

PewDiePie: Ad-blockers “devastating for smaller channels”

I do not own this image. It is taken from Variety

Swedish Youtube- superstar PewDiePie has (yesterday) said that according to Google Analytics, 40% of his audience is using ad-blockers.

While he does not critisize the users for using this kind of programs, he stated that ad-blockers are ‘devastating to smaller channels’.

According to his Tumblr page, he writes the following:
Personally, I’m ok with if you use adblock on my videos. Ads are annoying, I get it, I’m not here to complain about that.

But for smaller channels, this number can be devastating.

Despite this, it seems that many people’s general attitude towards Adblock is very open loose:

Regarding the new Youtube Red- service, where subscribers will pay a fee of $10 dollars a month, and will see access to exclusive content without any ads, he stated the following:

# YouTube Red exist largely as an effort to counter Adblock.

# YouTube Red exist because using Adblock has actual consequences.

Pewdiepie has an exclusive series coming to the service and he states that there is yet to be seen if smaller channels will benefit from the payed subscription model.

#TECH & #GADGET: Here In #Sweden You Can Buy A Drone Equipped With A Camera For Under 100 Euros

I know that there are a all kinds and models of drones.

But there is a Swedish website specialised in comparing prices on electronics and pretty much everything you would wanna buy. They compare prices from different retailers, both physical and online and lists their prices.

I was just plain curious about how much a drone with a camera would cost so I made a search on this page – Pricerunner.

As it turns out, the results returned at least 2 to 5 models (while they were sorted after popularity and includes accesories such as kameras to all kind of drone models) that goes for under 1000 Swedish Kronor. That translates into aprox. 100 Euros.

If you are cutious as I am to gain knwoledge of what is popularin the drone sector right now here in Sweden, based on customers’ choice, or wanna see what drones there are and their price range, then check out my search:

(P.S. There also seems to be some real MONSTERS that costs a months’ or two months’ salary)

Drones have began being accessible to almost anyone. They are easy to get and cheaper than ever.

Many photographers or video makers are using them and perhaps they don’t settle for a cheap model but for something with a better camera and easier to navigate. This only mean good things for the average citizen, as mass production leads to lower prices of manufacturing and is good business.

#GAMING: We Might Witness Real- Life #Pokemon Trainers – My Thoughts On ‘POKEMON GO!’

Pokemon Go! was announced by Nintendo some weeks ago.

We have been given a trailer which showcases CG graphics in the real world.

With the help of smart devices (including a special watch that will be released later on), players will be able to fiind, catch and perhaps even train pokemons. And all of this will unfold in the real world, the reality.

The game will show its players were pokemons are to be found. And it will be integrated with the devices’ GPS trackers. Just take a look at the trailer above and you will understand what I’m aiming at.

We will witness a generation of Pro Pokemon GO! players. And it might be as exciting meeting them, as it is meeting other sportsmen and women, if the masses will answer to Nintendo’s call. New superstars in egaming and esports might arise from this fun and challenging real time game. Pokemon GO! is the most ambitios project that will use mobile tracking since Maps and will put the technology to real use and test in converting it for gaming purposes.

How will gaming work after this? VR is months away now and we have been presented some of the games that will arrive togheter with the hot new piece of tech. Computers will get Oculus Rift while Playstation will get Playstation VR (up untill recently it was called Project Morpheous).

But Nintendo’s move is bald. Their focus on mobile devices opens up for new markets for the company that dominated gaming under the last console generation. And with their innovation withing the gaming sphere and their track record, Pokemon GO! might be as great boost for them, and, at the same time, even the most innovative concept designed for mobile devices untill this very time.

Wizards or trainers, as they probably would prefer to be called, will be a new type of gamers: those who will travel across the globe for new pokemons. Think of the tournaments for the game – how they would be planned and the time span that those might take to complete and decide a winner.

This is a step in the right direction, and I foresee even the most faithfull Pokemon players to hop along this train. It’s innobvating for the gaming series that even had an anime show, which was the most succesfull, even in the West, during its airing period.

I am very curious at how Nintendo will continue to develop this idea and concept and we might witness a real life pokemon trainers’ generation traveling and battling in our cities.

*The trailer presented has been visioned by no least than 16,8 million viewers!

#TECH: A Comparision Between The Old And The New #GOOGLE Logo

The picture in this post shows the difference between the old and the new, sans-serif logo. I’ve chosen to post this as it came to my mind a question about what the differences were, as I don’t recall ever paying big attention to the logo.


There you have it: the top logo is the old one and the one at the bottom is the new logo, the one that was introduced just yesterday. What do ya’ll think of the change? Is it that big of a change as it was reported by all the major sites around the Internet or is the buzz too big? Have in mind that this is Google that we talk about and almost everything Google- related gets and will get big attention.