Four Character Posters For ‘THE HUNTSMAN’ (2016)

‘STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT’ Playable At Hundreds, Perhaps Thousands Wal- Mart Stores This Weekend


Wal Mart has announced that 3000 stores will have Star Wars related decorations and that beginning today, throughout the weekend, shoppers will have the chance to play the final version of the game.


#AVATAR Series Announced

One of the announcements at New York Comic Con I consider to be the biggest is that Dark Horse is going to make a series based on Pandora – the planet on which the 2009 movie takes place.

This move might seem a bit unexpected but have in mind that FOX has in the past given the rights to Dark Horse to produce series based on ALIENS and PREDATOR.

The series will explore the past and the future of the Na’vi, the race of the movie and according to the source, it has the blessings of director David Cameron.

Source and cover from:

You can also read that Avatar 2 is expected to hit theaters Christmas 2017.

Also check out the movie’s official Tumblr page.

Bought These Two Books #Bookworm


So I was at a secondhand shop today and got instantly hooked by these two books.  

One is called something like ‘World of the Ring’ and is written by J.R.R. Tolkien. It’s a highfantasy book with 4 or 5 stories/novels.

The other one is called ‘Cosmos’ and is written by famous astrophysicist Carl Sagan. Perhaps you have seen or heard of the show with the same name that got rebooted last year with Neil deGreese Tyson. I expect this book to be about the universe.    

Both were a bargain as they costed me just aprox 2 Euros (3 dollars).

#MOVIES & #TVSERIES: #Netflix Raises Its Price For Subscription


Yesterday, Netflix updated its website with a new price for subscription fees.

The price was raised with 1 dollar to $9.99 a month. There is still the alternative to a $7.99 a month but that kind of subscription won’t allow streaming in HD nor simultaneous streaming. The $9.99 package allows streaming to two screens at once.

This change applies to the United States,  Canada and Latin America and comes after a similar adjustment for Europe back in August.

Current subscribers will not see their fees increased for a year forward.



There is a board game out there that should spice things up just untill the release of Episode 7.

It’s name: Risk: Star Wars Edition.

In this game, player are able to chose between the dark and the light side of the force. The “map” is not continents, like in other Risk games, but a galaxy which you will be able to conquer.

Players will be able to reproduce the iconic battles from Return of the Jedi including the attack on the Death Star, the shield attack on Endor, and the duel between Luke and Darth Vader.



The game is available now for 30$.