Presentations from Eurogamer Expo

Today is day 5 of the ongoing Eurogamer Expo. Below are some gameplay videos as well as presentation videos for some of the considered bigger titles. Enjoy!

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Battlefield 4

The Evil Within Presentation

Tearaway Presentation

Watch Dogs Presentation

The Witcher 3 Presentation

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Presentation

Batman: Arkham Origins Presenation

Project Godus Presentation

* The presentation videos come from Eurogamer‘s Youtube channel


The PS Vita

The PS Vita is the follower to Sony’s succesfull PSP (Playstation Portable) console.

It has been released in the beginning of 2012, and still sold, according to vgchartz 5,72 millions units, leaving it in the shadow of Nintendo’s 3DS, wich have sold nearly 35 millions up to date.

On the softare side, the platform’s highest selling game is Uncharted wich sold a bit over 1 million. Per total, Vita has managed to push 14,5 million units of software.

The support from Sony is there with such released titles as Little Big Planet, Killzone Mercenary , Playstation All Stars Battle Royale and rumors of an incoming inFamous game heading to the console.
3rd party support is great with titles as FIFA Soccer, Ninja Gaiden, Mortal Kombat and Assasins Creed: Liberation. The multiplatform titles as Metal Gear Solid HD are there, with more upcoming multiplatform gaming in store for the Vita owners.

The graphics on the console are nothing lesser than amazing with the visuals matching closely the PS3.
Sony are announcing a revival of the Vita system at the ongoing Eurogamer Expo and is exciting to see what it’s got in store for the gamers. A price cut will do fine.

* all presented numbers come from Vgchartz

BATTLEFIELD 4 FIRST LOOK (1 month old draft)

I’ve looked at the videos from Dice‘s next installment in the Battlefield series, that are circulating on the major gaming sites as well as Youtube.

The multiplater is what makes Battlefield the franchise it has become and the developer have been kind and out the game’s multiplayer mode playable at the E3 and Gamescom expo and let the fans get theit hands on.

The net has since then exploded with gameplay videos from Dice‘s upcoming game and that with good reason. Players are unpatiently waiting for the game’s release.
The updated Frostbite game engine and the next gen installment of the series gives room for better AI, at the same time as the developers have been working on at least two new multiplayer modes. One of them is Obliteration, with the teams given only one bomb to explode and the other being Defuse, wich is similar to a Counter Strike match – you get a bomb to defuse and no respawn, making every moment crucial.

When it comes to the single player, the next installment promises better visuals, more destruction, with ships, chippers and planes crashing and threatening to put an end to the player’s life. It gives room for replats of the story mode, if one wants to try blowing up some other stuff. It looks gorgeous and action filled.

BF4 looks amazing: the visuals are top notch, the gameplay improved, not at least the single player mode looks more interesting, the multiplayer looks slighty more primising than before and who knew it could improve? The new game modes are HOT!
BF4 is promising and the verdict is 5 STARS OUT OF 5 IN A FIRST IMPRESSION SCALE.
You can check out the videos for yourself on Youtube and give it a tought. It’s definetly a system seller.

Watch Christians Bale’s Batman Audition

Christian Bale’s Batman audition for Batman Begins. Bale screentested with Amy Adams in Val Kilmer’s Batman Forever suit. Thus is it not the same as one as seen in the triology. This footage is from The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition.

To think off when you start coding and developing

What to think off when you start coding

1. Your code will change
All you code won’t be there when your project is done. Code changes, some needs to be removed, some needs to be developed. You shouldn’t get stucked in your coding but change the approach to find the solutions. Also, if you code for the fun of it, you might rethink over the functions you shall develop as some might need to get changed and the result can often can a lot better than you might think of.

2. Code something fun
It takes coding to learn how to code. You need to code something that feels fun and usefull for your coding abilities. You shouldn’t start a big project right away but code some chunks and find use of your kknowledge as well as learing new skills. The must fun you will have is when you will discover what code actually does, wich means you should be mobile with your code, as it will change, be mobile with the functions, as they might needed to be changed and don’t be afraid to discover what your own code does.

3. Google
When you feel stuck up in your code, just google for the solutions. Stackoverflow has the most of the answers to your problems as well as it gives inspiration for your coding. A lot of professionals ask for help so you shouldn’t get scared off if yopu feel the need for help. Remember this: just knowing what to google for shows you got the skills needed to in order to continue with your projects.

Good luck and have fun developing!

3D printing

3D printing is the future.
Cool stuff such food will be printed in the future with the help of 3D printers.

Just recently, NASA tested the limits of 3d printing with a powerful rocket engine check wich means that in the future, the new tech could be used to print cheaper space satellites, as well as astronauts’ food.

The prices are still high and the fascination fact is what hypes the products up. Still, 3d printing will explode in 2014 thanks to the expiration of key patents wich will bring down the prices and soon be accesible for the masses of consuments to buy and explore.

More will be featured on 3d print and the printers so stay tunned.
Geek up!