Dragon Age Inquisition : Live Demo Gameplay

25 minutes long demo of Dragon Age Inquisition as played and shown at PAX Prime 2013.

And there is more (continuing) at the end of the following video:


Eminem – Survival VIDEO

Check this video out.
Eminem‘s new video “Survival” is full of references to Call of Duty Ghosts. Notice the skulls as well as gameplay footage running in the background. And if it weren’t enough notice the dog refering to dogs as companions in the new CoD game.

For beginners: XAMPP and “Hello world” in PHP

XAMPP is a tool for those wishing to script PHP with Apache, mySQL and PHP distributions that install themselves.
I recommend it for those of you who wish to start learning scripting with PHP.

After installing and starting it:
1. You will have to type “localhost” in your webbrowser in order to access PHP-enabled webpages.
2. The index file that it will access is to be found in the XAMPP/htdocs – folder.
3. There you should create a folder for accessing your own Projects. If you for example will have a folder named “Test” you will access it by typing “localhost/Test” in your webbrowser.
4. You will have to create an index page in order to have something to access from your Test- folder. 5. Simply create a file in whichever notepadish application you wish to and type following:

echo ‘Hello world’;

6. Save your file as index.php in your test directory and try to access it by typing “localhost/Test/index.php
7. You will get a webpage with says “Hello world” as an answer to your request.
P.S. You have to activate Apache from the XAMPP Control board else it won’t work.

Good luck!
You can find XAMPP here.

Watch Dogs impressions

Watch Dogs looks astonoshing with it’s open world structure and hacking- based gameplay.

The visuals
The visuals are gorgeous and one of the reasons it shouldn’t get stucked in GTAV‘s shadow are it’s gameplay mechanics. Being a cross-gen title, depending on the platform, the textures look smooth and the animations great. The weather effects, in particulary – the rain – gives it an edge over many titles when it comes down to visuals.

The gameplay
The gameplay elements seem sleek. Our last generations’ innovations comes to play in Watch Dogs. You take the role of Aiden Pearce, a highly skilled computer hacker who has access to Chicago’s CtOS. With your phone you will hack cameras and various other electronic equipment in order to achieve your goals as the main story plot unfolds, or – if you wish to – take more steps in your role as a vigilante with side missions to complete.
The interaction seem to achieve it’s goal as Watch Dogs is all about interaction whether you interact with machines or other gameplay elements.

Impression 4/5
Watch Dogs is a gorgeous looking title with more gameplay under the surface than one might first think. It’s up to the developer to deliver and create non-repetive missions so that certain gameplay mechanics don’t get boring while playing.
As a cross-gen title, some elements in the final product may vary between the versions and as most, Watch Dogs is to be recommended as a next-gen open world title with a hacker in the lead role as well as a vigilante.