Movie: Terkel in Trouble

(You can choose english texting on the Youtube Clip)

Terkel in Trouble (Danish: Terkel i knibe) is a Danish animated film. In the original language (Danish) all the voices are done by stand-up comedian Anders Matthesen, who also wrote the original story – released on a CD. The movie was also released in Norway under the name “Terkel i Knipe”, and all voices were done by actor Aksel Hennie.

Plot:Terkel is a normal boy who’s in 6th grade at a secondary school together with his best friend Jason, who carries an iron pipe with him at all times. Terkel and Jason are playing a Game Boy in the schoolyard of Chestnutlane one day when a strange man in a green panda sweater approaches them. The man, Justin (Danish: Gunnar Bjerre), tells Terkel that he has sat on a spider. “Nothing to worry about. They’re just jeans. They can be washed.” Terkel says and after that the nightmare begins…

Terkel’s teacher gets fatally run over, and the class’s new teacher is the strange Justin. Terkel’s parents Sheila and Leon get married and the two “bad boys” in his class, Sten and Saki, manipulate Terkel to steal beer for them. When Terkel’s uncle Stuart Stardust notices, he beats up Sten (Danish: Steen) (which also means “stone” in Norse) and Saki, for which they blame Terkel, so they begin bullying him, but no-one seems to want to help him.

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