Meet ‘CAPTAIN SWEDEN’ – A Swedish Superhero/Comic

It is known that Sweden and perhaps not even Europe has a superhero or produce comics based on either Swedish or European superheroes, even thought there is concept for some really badasses.

Artist Jörgen Berthage ambition is to change that and animate a Swedish masked superhero. The project seems to have begun in 2012. Via the project’s facebook page, I have learned that Captain Sweden is featured on a list of European Superheroes. And there I found the synopsis, which is the following:

The story is about two brothers, Jonas and Tony Mendez who grow up in Gothenburg, Swedens’ second largest city. Tony Mendez is a Skatepro nicknamed Captain Sweden. One day when the two brothers return to a skatepark they discover a gang beating up another guy. Tony, who is the older brother, interferes and gets stabbed by a gangleader. Later he dies from his injuries. Jonas grows up alone with his mother who goes into a deep depression and gets hospitalized. Jonas decides to become a masked protector for the city . He takes the name of Captain Sweden as a secret honour to his late brother. Captain Sweden was created by Jörgen Berthage and is a current comic-book project.
Source for both picture and synopsis:

The current project can be found on Twitter: and has over 70 followers and there is also a facebook page with over 170 likes. You can find it here: You can at least pay the creator a visit to one of Captain Sweden‘s places of hangaround or give it a like in order to follow giveaways with a real chance to win. The latest giveaway was just past Christmas.

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