Earlier this month, Nintendo has released a video showcasing their upcoming home/handheld- console – Nintendo Switch. While there is more info to be released, such as game lineup on launch and tech stuff, some sources around the Internet state that the device will have a 6,2 inch touchscreen.

That means that it will be the same size as the Wii U pad, but the resolution will be higher, being set at 1 280 x 720 pixels from 854 x 480 pixels.

Nintendo have not commented this last bit of information but instead states that there is nothing to announce before the event on January 12, when more info will be presented. A release date may be one of the bigger announcements to be made public then and it is set, for now, at sometime in March 2017. Also, there are reports that Nintendo Switch will come in fewer number of units at the launch than Wii U.

Meanwhile, check out the first look at the console:


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