Doctor Strange dominated the domestiv box office this weekend earning an estimated $85 million. THis is Marvels 14th (out of 14´) consecutive #1 debut. Doctor Strange tops the openings of Thor($65,7 milliom), Captain America: The First Avenger ($65,1 million) and Ant-Man ($57,2 million).

Doctor Strange also opened in an additional 22 material countries this weekend with an estimated $118.7 million, bringing the film’s international total to $240.4 million and its global sum to $325.4 million after 13 days. Here are the key international markets so far:

China $44.4M
Korea $30.4M
UK $18.9M
Russia $15.4M
Germany $11.0M
France $10.7M
Mexico $10.0M
Australia $9.5M
Brazil $7.9M
Taiwan $7.2M
Indonesia $6.0M
Hong Kong $6.0M
Italy $6.0M
Philippines $5.0M
Spain $4.8M
Malaysia $4.3M
Thailand $4.3M


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