Two New XBOX ONE S Bundles Revealed

“The company has revealed that the Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition bundle and the Forza Horizon 3 bundle will make their way to retail soon, each packing an Xbox One S console, as well as other goodies.

Both systems come with white-colored consoles and controllers, but there are different details about each.

The Halo Wars 2 bundle, which is now available for pre-order and releasing on February 17th, will go for $349.99 and includes a copy of Halo Wars 2: Utimate Edition, along with a 14-day trial membership to Xbox Live Gold, so you can hop in and try out the service.

Meanwhile, the Forza Horizon 3 bundle is available today, and going for either $349.99 for a 1TB model, or $299.99 for a 500GB model. It includes a digital download of Forza Horizon 3 (standard edition), along with a controller, the system, and a 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial of its own.”

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