Even since I saw Lord of the Rings for the first time, I instantly got hooked on fantasy. I never considered urban fantasy to be something I really like because its lack of epicness and created universes.

However, I got a copy of The Scrawny Vampire – Immortal Blood for Kindle on Amazon. It’s the first book of The Scrawny Vapire series and I know that the author – J. Martin also got at least one more series in works.

The book is a children’s book but if I was you, I wouldn’t let that fool me. It has vampires and a plot that makes it very enjoyable even for adults. The main character is put into a sitution were he needs to track clues and be inventive in order for him to achieve success despite of the difficulties he faces.

I liked that the book is set in two distinct locations – America and Europe (Rome). It’s fast paced and entertaining and as the plot grows, it becomes a page turner, you just have to know what happens next.

I would recomand it to both children and adults and I would also recomand for you to enjoy the reading that takes around one hour and a half to three hours. Get it today!

5 OUT OF 5 – It’s an easy reading and a great fantasy debut for the author

You can get the book as ebook for Kindle or as a paperback version on Amazon.


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