First up is DC. I’ve seen BATMAN VS SUPERMAN and discovered the other night that JUSTICE LEAGUE is out on NETFLIX. My favorite characters from DC are Batman and The Flash. Next on my watch-list is WONDER WOMAN.


Way more MARVEL films than DC. Just to be clear, I am not a fanboy, I give both the same amount of LOVE. My favorite in the Marvel Universe is DR STRANGE and it’s the only movie from the second picture of MARVEL hits that I’ve got the chance to see.


The LOTR trilogy are by far THE movies. No movie ever made or to be made won’t impress me as much. Have not seen THE EXTENDED EDITION but some day I will.

I enjoyed THE HOBBIT aswell. The stuff that I miss are the HARRY POTTER box set, Game of Thrones’ last 2 seasons and SHANNARA CHRONICLES’s 2nd and last season. I hope that it will be picked up and thus continue. I have bought a couple of books that the show is based upon.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN are a lot of fun. There is word that DISNEY most probably will reboot the series without Johnny Depp and that’s sad.

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