Once hyped and on its way to become the next big THING in tech, it failed. The masses have not heard news about the product in at least 2 to 3 years.

One main reason to why it’s overlooked could be the rise of AR and VR. Holo Lens, Occulus are paving the way to the future. The door IS NOT Google Glasses.

I know not a single person who at least tested the gadget. Myself have been fooling around a lil’ bit Gear VR (Samsung’s VR set) and also know a couple of people who’ve tried out Holo Lens and Occulus.

Becoming in demand by the market is crucial and the way there isn’t easy. Google Glasses was hyped at first but failed to deliver. There was no REAL NEED.

Now it remains to see if it only was a flop OR if the product was ahead of its time.

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