We are in the final phase now, folks. 11 years and 20 films later since 2008’s IRON MAN, Phase 3 binds the MCU storylines with ENDGAME.

Characters such as Black Widow, Captain America, Doctor Strange and Star- Lord have been introduced to us during this time and have turned the MARVEL- franschise into a big succes both with critics and audience.

Now that the Disney and FOX deal is through, the MCU will win back the film rights to the characters from X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool. The only big characters still missing belong Sony’s Spider-verse: Spider-Man, Venom etc. Even those will too get some screen time even in future movies from MARVEL STUDIOS.

There MUST be more cross-overs within the Marvel Universe now that those are back home. The only movie announced after ENDGAME is SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME. Movies rumored or “little” hinted to happen next are BLACK PANTHER 2, DOCTOR STRANGE 2, THE ETERNALS…

HYPE UP with the newest trailer for AVENGERS: ENDGAME.
In US theaters 16 April.

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