Star Wars: The Clone Wars logo

I must admit that I’ve yet got to see this show. I am not the biggest STAR WARS fan but I enjoy the franchise.

The trailer gives fans and viewers more insight of what there is to come. New characters and a reunion are, perhaps, the key moments. I think there is something for everyone, either you are a casual or hardcore into the show. Oh yeah, there will also be (as told) an EPIC lightsaber fight.

The 6th and last season will arrive on Disney’s own platform Disney+ sometime after its launch (the launch of the service is set for November, later this year).

Other STAR WARS- related news from the past weekend are:
EPISODE IX FIRST TRAILER AND TITLE REVEAL, then there is the STAR WARS JEDI: FALLEN ORDER reveal – the next BIG game in set in the George Lucas- crafted universe and the first images from the upcoming tv series THE MANDALORIAN were released – the first ever live-action STAR WARS show.

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