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NEGATIVE ATMOSPHERE is inspired by many sci-fi and non sci-fi horror games and 3rd person shooters, according to the developer. It looks A LOT like DEAD SPACE, a horror- scifi survival 3- part series developed by Visceral and published by EA (between 2008 to 2013 on PS3, Xbox360 and PC).

It’s also set on a spaceship:

It is set in a universe in the midst of a cold war, in which A.I has been achieved via the use of organic processing cores, you play as a 49-year-old ex-combat medic called Samuel Edwards, aboard the long-range cargo and haulage ship the TRH Rusanov, after after a mysterious sickness spreads across the ship causing all the robots and personnel to mutate and deform into hideous creatures that are hell-bent on the destruction of all the organisms around them. You must escape, fighting your way through your former crewmates, rogue and sentient artificial constructs and the environmental hazards the Rusanov presents. As you progress throughout the game, your mental state will deteriorate and the hallucinations will set in.

Concerning gameplay, there ARE some cool stuff under the hood:

The game features a limited ammo economy, dynamic level events – TBA-, a vast assortment of melee and projectile weaponry, drones and robots which can be fought or hacked, a non-invasive stealth system, zero-g movement, holographic world space UI – with an ECG heart rate monitor on the back which changes in speed and colour as your health deteriorates, a dynamic damage system – your character gets visually changed with blood stains, scars, open wounds, dismemberment etc, as your health decreases – and much much more to be revealed in the demo.
*** NOTE: I bolded the features that I think are cool

NEGATIVE ATMOSPHERE is developed by Sun Scorched Studios with team members from all parts of the world and currently a 23 person strong studio. It has been in development for 5 months and is using Unreal Engine 4. It’s currently in the pre-alpha stages and the team are looking for gamers able to support their work.

Their goal (as of now) is to release a demo this year and the platforms the makers are aiming for are mainly PC, Mac and Linux. When they get enough funding they’ll start a Kickstarter- campaign and depending on the success, other platforms will be considerated.

Read more about Sun Scorched Studios and their project – Negative Atmosphere.

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