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Netflix remains the most popular and first choice for most film- and tv- freaks as Engaged reports that it now got 148 million subcribers worldwide and that really soon it will cross the 150 million goal.

The same source states that the streaming giant will test a new function in Great Britain – Weekly top 10 – which will list the top 10 titles for the region. It will also present how many times the content has been viewed. It’s an attempt to to keep viewers updated about the latest trends. The plan is to test this a couple of months over there and review if it will be implemented globally/in other regions or scrapped.

Netflix has also announced little stats for some of its content, which is surprising to many as they’ve been secretive with data. Anyway, here it is:

* Triple Frontier (52 millions)
* Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened (20 millions)
* Umbrella Academy (45 millions)
* The Highwaymen (40 millions)

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