Samsung Galaxy Fold

You might have heard different tech reviewers posting pics and videos of broken GALAXY FOLDS after just one to two days of testing. However it seems that the gadget is NOT as bad produced as one may think.

The following video clear things out:

To sum it up, there are two things that can lead to breking your Fold:
* The outer layer on the screen looks like protection but IT’S NOT! It’s a part of the screen. Peeling it off will lead to damages to the main screen and make it go completely black within hours.
* Dust cornes might get in between the layers of the main screen and IT WILL cause damages.

Samsung have been kind and understanding to these people that have been sent review units and have sent new devices. The company will also state clearly and with bigger- sized warning message to let customers know NOT TO mess with the outer layer.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold release date is April 26 in the US and May 3 in Europe.

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