‘Friends’ was HUGE, THE BIGGEST PHENOMENON on TV and a lot of it it’s attributed to like… everything?

Nah, joke aside, it was a well produced sitcom following a cast dealing with their everyday life and mixed with a great portion of humor. I mentioned the characters and every single article or post about the show should do so. They are unique to each other and the chemistry inbetween is perfect.

You’ve got [PICTURE ABOVE] Phoebe, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Monica and Joey, all of them LOVED by viewers mostly because of what they are. It was common to have a favorite back then, mine was Joey, without doubt. I mean who could get angry with him? He was like the perfect friend.

‘Friends’ aired between 1994 to 2004 and rewatching it today, with the newly gained insight since then has actually made me switch to Chandler as my favorite. His sarcasm just clicks with me and I LOVE every single one of his scenes.

There is a big chance some of you are too young to be familiar with this show or the cast so I want to introduce you to ‘Sarcasm 101’ with Chandler Bing, an SNL sketch from 1998:

(This is not from the show!)

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