The first look at Playstation 5’s UX (User Experience) such as the UI (User Interface) and other new cool features were has just been revealed hours ago.

It looks and runs smooth. The presentation focused on gaming. Some stuff you should look for:

* Playstation 5 personal time estimate – gives players an idea of how long it will take them to complete the given activity.
* Official in-game help – it’s included for active Playstation Plus members in some PS5 games. It basically gives you hints on how to achieve goals without the need for a web search (you know, like looking how players have completed the game on YouTube, or be exposed to any kind of spoilers)
* Screen Share – party members can share their screen with the group, allowing others to see them playing in real-time
* Parties are bigger than just voice chat now – you can send screenshots (captured with your DualSense) to your friends
* Playstation 5 supports voice detection in a couple of languages. You can use the microphone to send messages instead of typing them (it’s up to you)

The Solid State Drive (SSD) in the consoles makes things swift and allows gaming and other activities in an instant.

The console launches November, 12th in North America and 19 throughout the rest of the world.

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