A working (and RETRACTABLE!!!) light saber has always been a dream, ever sice the concept was introduced by George Lucas in 1977’s film ‘Star Wars’ (now titled ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ or ‘Episode IV’).

Up until now there has been, as we know it, no one able to pull it off. But just like its inspiration, there’s ‘A New Hope’ (pun intended).

Not just that they’ve been working it out, it results in being able to produce a blue lightsaber, a green lighsaber, a red lightsaber, an ember lightsaber and even a yellow lightsaber. In the ‘Star Wars’ universe these are made of lightsaber crystals also known as kyber crystals. And all colors are supposed to have different meanings

. This is rocket science and beyond my knowledge, so I’ll let these guys explain it to you.

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