We’re still ecstatic over today’s release: the GOAT himself dropped ‘MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY – SIDE B (DELUXE EDITION)’, which basically is a double album with 16 new tracks (if you count the intro and the skit), added to the January 17’s release ‘MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY’.

I’ve listened to it a couple of times during the past hours and it’s flawless. I’m NOT saying it because I’m an Eminem fan, but he actually OVERPERFORMS his spring release. The sales and streams should reach new heights and awards.

A music video to ‘GNAT’ has debuted (it’s above, duh!), directed by Cole Bennett, who has been working with Eminem on the music video to the smash-hit ‘Godzilla’.

The album starts strong with ‘Dark Magic’, where Skylar Grey is phenomenal. Going on, you’ve got tracks like ‘Alfred’s Theme’, ‘Tone Deaf , ”Book of Rhymes’ (it’s super awesome if you understand the references, which you probably will), a Dr. Dre feature on ‘Guns Blazing’, ‘Gnat’, ‘Higher’, ‘Killer’, and Dr. Dre- produced ‘Discombobulated’ wraps it up.

Lyrically he’s at that level when no GOAT-title given matches his brilliance, his flow is natural, the beats are perfect and the whole production is a masterpiece.

Thank you for another super huge surprise, king!

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