Ever since EA has confirmed that a new ‘Battlefield’- title will arrive this year, tons of rumors and speculations have popped up.

Now, the title of the next game is still to be announced but we’re all calling it ‘Battlefield 6’ for now.

New rumors claim that it will double its player multiplayer battling limit from 64 to 128, and that we will get a never before seen scale of destruction, all this thanks to the new generation of Xbox and Playstation hardware.

The next chapter will have World War 3 as setting and could (possibly) tell the tale of a NATO vs. Russia conflict. It could “track soldiers from different countries as the war rages in every corner of the world.”

Other sources claim it will be set in present day or at least not in a too far future, which could make the WW3 speculation possible.

Remember none of this details are official, so take it with a huge grain of salt.
Source: https://www.gamebyte.com/rumour-says-battlefield-6-will-take-place-during-world-war-3/

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