NerdTV: Making new Nintendo NES games with John Riggs

“In this video I feature a great channel RIGG’d Games by John Riggs. He shows you how you too can make your very own game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.”


NerdTV and Documentary: Knights Men In Iron



“Men in Iron – A fierce warrior-class emerges in medieval Europe around 1000 years ago: the knights. They live brutal lives, glorified by tales of chivalry and courtly love that have left us with a skewed idea of knighthood. In reality, it’s a world of freezing castles and violent battles, where joust competitions, fair maidens and the crusades are the latest fads. Manners and gallantry are everything and their abuse can end in deadly duels. This elegant and exciting 3-part series evokes the time of the knights in a unique and intimate rollercoaster ride of individual lives set in the wider context of medieval Europe. Their stories are told in gripping reenactments, illustrated by stunning CGI and explored with engaging documentary sequences.”

Volvo V90 – Made by Sweden – ”Prologue” feat. Zlatan Ibrahimović


“We come from a different place. So we think about cars in a different way. Ever since 1927, we’ve made cars safer. We‘ve made them easier to drive. And we’ve reduced their impact on the environment. Now, we’re launching a new Volvo where every little detail is there for a reason. Where everything we know about technology, design and safety is brought together to take your journey to the next level. With the new Volvo V90 we are entering a new era. But we will never forget where we come from.”

NerdTV and Documentary: The Flying Dutchman

“How Dutch Captain VanderDecken dares defy God and is doomed to roam the Seven Seas forever.. Whosoever encounters his ragged vessel is destined to share his fate.. The “Death Coast” of Southern Africa has claimed thousands of ships and countless lives: A ghost ship that makes the Southern Capes forever treacherously tempestuous..? A metaphor for the terrifying gales and hurricanes that roam the icy ocean around the Antarctic..? On the deep bond between a little nation and the seas; how an old seaman’s tale turned into a lasting symbol in western history and culture..”