“Programmed’ Today

So today I have began to programmate again. This time HTML, CSS and PHP. I use PHP because I am very familliar with it and know what to search for on for example Google, if needed. Anyways, thsi is the DRAFT 1 to the code:

Fil 1 Draft 1

Pic 1
Not much to see, a form with two radio buttons, one text field and one button. But the tricks was to send this data forward to the second page.

helllo world php draft 1

Pic 2

I have been searching for posts, articles and tutorials online and all of them said that i need to use $S_POST for ‘submit’. After one hour of trixing and mixing, i changed it to ‘txt’ and immediately I could access the text field data from the page before (see first picture). So I repeated the deed with the radio buttons, so now i get the value of which button is chosen.

css 1 draft 1

Pic 3

And this I wrote just to use it as make-up, to make the text look a little bit better and more my taste.

And this is the result:
Visual Fil 1 Draft 1

Pic 4

Code in Pic 1

resultat hello world php draft 1
Code in Pic 2, with the choices made in Pic 4.

I will probably beginning to write and  video record some tutorials where I programmate and teach it to others.