I am currently reading a book about STEVE JOBS (written by Walter Isaacson) and this came up: the Orwell’s 1984 inspired introducing Macintosh ad. Scott Ridley was involved and it costed over $700,000.

It’s aiming at IBM as the fascist ruler(s) and pictured Job’s view of (that time’s) main computer producer. It’s also considered to be his (Job’s) way of going back to his “fight the big brother” hippie/enlighted being. Folks aware of his earlier years should know more about this.

‘NEVER10’ Tool Stops Accidental Windows 10 Upgrades

Never10 is an utility that runs on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and disables Windows from automatically upgrading to Microsoft’s latest operating system. This utility may also be used to easily re-enable Windows operating system automatic upgrading, but according to its creator – Steve Gibson“The primary reason for using this is to disable Windows’ pestering insistence upon upgrading Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10.”

Over 200 000 000 downloads of Windows 10 has been made since its launch last summer, according to PCMag.

NerdTV Documentary: Free to Play: The Movie (US)

“FREE TO PLAY is a feature-length documentary that follows three professional gamers from around the world as they compete for a million dollar prize in the first Dota 2 International Tournament. In recent years, E Sports has surged in popularity to become one of the most widely-practiced forms of competitive sport today. A million dollar tournament changed the landscape of the gaming world and for those elite players at the top of their craft, nothing would ever be the same again. Produced by Valve, the film documents the challenges and sacrifices required of players to compete at the highest level.”