Nintendo Releases Its Official Nintendo Switch Unboxing Video

Hi! It’s finally here!! We finally have Nintendo Switch in our hot little hands. Today, we’re going to unbox this and show you everything you get when you pick up your Nintendo Switch on March 3. We’re only 10 days away from launch and we couldn’t be more excited. Let us know in the comment section below which version you’ll be picking up – gray or the one with neon blue and neon red Joy-Con. As always, thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next week!

‘HORIZON ZERO DAWN’ Expected To Sell 4-6 Million Copies This Year Alone

“Based on our initial observations we believe that Horizon Zero Dawn can sell around 4-6M units by end of 2017, given its early in the year release,” said SuperData research CEO Joost van Dreunen (via MCVUK). “Lifetime sales will likely be around 6-8M, which puts it in the same category as Uncharted 4 and Metal Gear Solid 5.”


‘HORIZON ZERO DAWN’: Initial PS4/PS4 Pro Gameplay Frame-Rate Test

John’s been playing Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 and PS4 Pro for the last couple of weeks. We’ve got a big tech analysis video in production, but for now, here’s an initial look at performance on both Pro and base PS4 hardware.


Nintendo Switch is just one week away and many players are preparing fot its’ launch.

Nintendo Network ID is gone along with WiiU, and instead there is something called Nintendo account. You can already now claim your user ID and make sure nobody else beats you.
You can then connect your ID to social medias such as Facebook and Twitter.

You can register at the following site:


Almost 20 hours ago, the Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta has been made available for preload on Playstation 4, Xbox One , Uplay and Steam.

Players will have the the posibility to tes the game 02.23.17 to 02.27.17.

The game is arriving on March 7 for Xbox One, PC and PS4.


Experience a mix of Conquest and Rush as you fight for chained control points in a tug-of-war frontline. Both teams fight for one flag at a time and when this objective is captured the action moves on to the next. Capture the enemy’s HQ control point and the game turns into a Rush-style section where telegraph posts need to be attacked or defended.