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Entertainment: David Bowie, 1947-2016 – The Daily Byte

“Today on The Daily Byte Dodger talks about NBC, the Smite World Championship, and David Bowie.”

ANONYMOUS Declares War On Daesh

After the terror attacks in Paris, the hacktivist group Anonymous declares war on Daesh after they took the responsability for the attacks.’



“Access to more than 280 ‘pirate’ websites has been restricted in Russia since the introduction of an amended copyright law in 2013. In addition to The Pirate Bay and giant Ukrainian file-hosting site, streaming sites including Primewire are also affected. Next week rightholders will apply for leading local torrent site RUTracker to be blocked forever.”

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#NEWS: Thieves Steal 500 #Comics In A Smash-And-Grab Hit

According to Comicbookresources, thiefs entered Alpha Comics in Calgary, Alberta, early Thursday, and took more than 500 comic books and trade paperbacks, in a garbage bag.

Owner Chris Humphries told CTV Calgary the price for that many titles adds up, adding up to a loss of couple of thousand of dollars.

“There was some really cool comics that got stolen, that were written and created by people who are trying to make comics better,” he said. “The dollar value of the individual comics is not very high, actually I sell comics in this store here at the suggested U.S. retail price, so per comic it’s not very expensive, but they took a lot.”

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