The Gate was made out of solid tree. There were flames that hanged by its both sides. The Fire of Endlesness, the inextinguishable fire thst the priests of the dead bended into the world of the living, the world of the fleash creatures and the many other forms beyond it. It would cease to exist when time itself would.

”This temple is unknown. Few know of its location and very few have entered it recently” Bratak’s ranger tracking perk told him and the others.
”The Fire…” the wizard exclaimed as he reached the top of the hill. Just as he put his left foot ahead of the right one while stoping. The fire’s tongues stretched to the skies and was high as half of the length of the walls of the temple, the roof excluded. ”The Fire is a mystery freed into the world. It is not of human engineering, this thing is for sure” and the others that were ahead of him and spread from all angles but still coming from the same direction, directed towards South East listened to his words.
”This fire is unique!”
They stayed up and were looking at him. They were curious. No one have ever seen such fires. But they could still exist in some places, as it did right here. This they were uncovering now out of their curiosity and awarness of the world around them. Their tracker senses have been right all along. They succefully traced movement and mysterious activity in this place. Few were the hills of these places but unreachable.
The Guardians were never near this place. It was forbidden for anyone to enter it. The woods were the hallucinations beecame so real that one would go insane and lose himself in front of the illusion imposed by these plants. The air was thick of the woods’ fragrances and hard to be distincted. The smell of error in the air.
”These flames can be evil too. Look at their movement.”
The flames were invisble for the air but they were still in there. It can be seen. The unseabale observed by the eyes of the mortals. They were moving and that made them visible. The Wizard saw a color: ”Purple”.
”What fire? It can barely be seen… still I feel its burn in my body. A strange presence.”
”Control it. As long as we don’t give up for fear, the powers of these forrests can not harm us.” the great one told Nemeja back. The rangers felt it not but they could as well see it.
”I introduced you to magic. You are not in the hands of the trick any longer. That’s why you too can see it.”
”My tracking is to no use in front of this demon!” Bratak exclaimed.
”Try and seee it as my way of tracking” thee Wizard explained to the two rangers. Their clothes were brown and the boots were dirty with mud from the hill. No easy task to climb this hill. That’s why it was a perfect way to cover a temple of terror to many.
”What is this temple? And why is it that its built here?” Nemeja conquered the place. Her bow was given to her earlier for good behave and she held it now in her left hand with the right hand on arrow, both touching eachother as the hands met. And she was behaving just like a rogue would.
”The Temple of Doom? I don’t know… The Temple Of Destruction, maybe?” Rumir was saying on a funny tone. Satirical to the names that were given to much of their discoveries during their journey. And that could be understood and shared with the same feelings by the others. Merek perhaps not, he was living the dream of the magician. A party and a quest to reach. Could things get better?
”This… this monument could be a temple for anything” he insisted.
”Let’s uncover it!” Nemeja argued.
The atmosphere between them got a bit more tensed. They were throwing words at eachother and not understood those words. Things got louder.
”Silence!” The Great One shouted and they were all quiet. The sun was settling behind the horizont and that could be seen and they also did that when they looked back. There was too little time for that, it seemed. But neither would the rangers give up. And they neither did:
”Let’s see what sweet treasure we can uncover in its tunnels.” Rumir told them as they were now all in front of the gate.

They all took use of the torches they had stored in their backpacks. And lit it with the invsible fire. A touch of it turned the torches into a visible flame, of yellow color. This fire was indeed visible to the naked eye.

The fire that shaped the yellow flame was a fire of giving. This could be a temple of receiving blessings. There was no way anyone could tell from the looks of the monument. It was high as the highest trees on the hillside.And the gate was reaching half of this heght, just as the flames. As they lit up their torches, the gate opened all by itself.

”Strange.” the wizard thought.
”Is there any magic in this place?” the rogue was asking herself, in her thoughts.
”We’re in!” Rumir thought.
”Who knew?” Bratak was wondering., ”So easy?”

Merek went in first and he shouted within the walls:
”Hello?” None answered.
”Perhaps it is just barely hearable.” he told the others ”This temple is a temple of giving.”
”That’s why the gate opened up.” they thought all at the same time, execepted the wizard. He knew very well of this thing, when he already saw the yellow flames. His spirit was trained for this so he would guide them through this from inside, barely seen in the dark monument.

As they entered the place, they saw holes in the ceiling. The sky was visible from inside the temple. They walked carefully inside and discovered that there were openings, most probably built in from the begginning and not the other kind, the kind that were crafted by nature. Because of that, there were some puddles on the ground. The ground was paved with cubic stones, twice the size of the open palm.

They observed all of this and were heading to the East. This was a hall most probably, it was strenching a couple of hundred of feet. They observed some carves in the wallstones. Nemeja could see the forms in color, as so could Marek.

What did the carvings told for story? None of them knew.
There were mountains, forrests, people animals and even seas on the walls. They could very well been speaking of our days as they could speak about the races’ past. None of the present could interpret the symbolism, more than what the rogue and the wizard saw with their inbuild senses for certain forms of art. And this was art for the paintings carved in stone had a style to be drawn never seen, so there must have been crafting skillmasters that have built these sites and gave them a story to be spoken of through the forms in which everything was presented.

”What’s a temple of giving?” Bratak asked him, the white clothed wizard.
”It means that everything we would need, we could find in here, as if it were reserved for us. If so, then this is the work of the gods or a place built for the gods. Should we not find here what we need within these walls then it’s a work of al-djinn. A lie put here to deceive. Only after exlorig it we will know for sure.”
”But the woods are enchanted with illusion manifested in traps meant for our minds. Nothing speaks of a good temple in these forrests.” Bratak told the wizard.
”We should not forget that… But the source of the forrests’ infection can come from within this very walls, that is the main reason to why we are here.”
So the wizard truly knew more than it was reserved for the others to understand in these kinds of situations.
”The main reason to why the woods are infected?” the ranger said with a bit of excitement, ”Not bad… A quest right for us, in other words. And we might find a treasure in here, let’s not forget that!”
They all laughted. A treasure would fall in good hands. But was it what they needed? As they sparkled up the dark and the dust from the floor with their torches and their feet, they thought of what they realy needed. It wasn’t that much for anyone of them. But they thought if it was right or if they really needed it.
Then the wizard spoke::
”We might get the fullfilment of some acts and others we might get rejected on. Is how the gods wishes for us. Their presence is strong in this place, remember and care for that. They can truely see us right now.”
And Rumir spake aswell:
”The Gods can always see us. They can be everywhere.”
”Yes, indeed. But if one does not believe that, he or she, can be sure of that when we are in this place. This carvings might come from the people that have lived here or just went to this very place and left their knowledge behind them, right in these walls. I see nature and people drawn all across these halls. And I don’t think that I am hallucinating.”
”No, we can see it too. We all do see it.” Nemeja said.
Bratak continued the discussion:
”Are these drawings ancient or what is the thing with them?”
”Perhaps this is how they teach us how to show our gratitude to the gods or it can be stories of what people of the past have gained from this temple. It could be anything but it proves that there was organic life in this temple and perhaps never empty of it. We should find out what happened to life in here.”
”It’s pretty impressive.” the girl admited.

After a couple of hundred of feet, they came to the wall’s ending.
A great statue made out of wood stood right in fornt of them, with the awayer wall right behind it. There was more fire. A ”bål” made out of metal was on the table made out of stone in the front of the wooden assembly of a creature; the one with the body of a man and a head of the wolf. Its mouth was open.

The fire of the torches were set right at the statue.
Nemeja fell in strong pain to the ground. The other cared for her, so they swiftly catched her. And held her during her convulsions. As soon as the last one of them took away the torch from the statue, the pain would cease.

The magician observed this and said unto the other:
”I see strong fire in this statue. If I can see it, it must tear her from inside. This is her test. Make sure you don’t point the fire straight at this wooden lifeless being. She should do just fine.”

”Isn’t this worship? The bearseekers’ form of worship?” Ragal asked.
”Perhaps for some of them. But I think it’s more like a symbol to that which grants them their courage.”
”A gratitude monument?”
”It could very well be… We just don’t know. But the gods might hidd in here. The fire we saw outisde… it’s of no human nature… it’s from the gods. Some priests may have bended time and room to place it there and let it’s energy float from beyond the creation. That I can recognize…”
”Then we truly have with a work of gods to do.”
”Yes!” he acclaimed happy. The ranger understood the importance of the fire outside. And that was a good thing, it can prove to be crutial to attempting tame the temple wirth all its gods of the living and the dead. The others heard the conversation and the wizard oserved them. As Ragal, also known as Bratak uttered those words, the woman and the other man seemed to understand them very well. This was perhaps required for confronting the tests. The merrier their knowledge about the unknown, the better prepared for the dangers of the unknown they were.

The gods were powerfull beings or spirits. No one really knew as a god could not be fully described nor understood. Talesspoke of both kind of gods. Tales were familiar to Marek, he was no stranger to them. In times when magic was real but many times outside of the usual human’s reach or knowledge, tales got long forgotten. Only a few knew many of them. The most common thing was to be know just a few of these stories.

There were nodings from the rangers in return. They understood it. Over the past weeks, they have learned much about the art of magic. And they understood that the girl could see more or differently from the Wizard, even thogh both had powers. But of course, there were the tests.
In Rumir’s head, there was this thought:
”Can this turn into a test for the whole group? Is everybody tested at once?”

The statue was barely visible. The magician set his hand in the darkness that flickered in pace with the torches and felt when it touched the statue. He then mumbled some words and the statue made a movement.
Then the table opened, as the upper side moved in their direction. It openened up and there was something that was in the deep hole that came from it. The sound of the table top moving was that of stone coming in contact with other stone. The hole had these walls of stone and the upper side was the entry. They saw all of this when the wizard told them that it was now savfe for her and it would be no harm to point the fire at the statue. One curse was lifted.

”I feel much better… more… more focused!” she told them. ”I feel as if I can control the powers better. Check this out…” she said as she lifted her left hand. A red fire was lited from nothingness.
”The spirits… the spirits in the hands are gone.” the wizard told them with great amaze.
”Yes”, she said as radiated gladness. A big smile on her face and a ferm ”blick” at the hands. She moved them slowly and fire was lited then extinguished. This happened a repeated number of times. She explored this new strange power. To control this in her hands. A newly found freedom and a great help in this quest.
As she saw this events unfold in front of her eyes, she felt optimistic and hopefull. The quest of the wizard could get them in front of strange and great h,appenings, but he knew what it was needed to go through it. It was worth it, at the end of the quest she would regain her whole freedom. No more accidents or fear of unleashing her potential. The gift would step forward and the curse will be no more. ”The comets will not fall and the skies will not burn”.
”Look! Rumir shouted when he lit up the hole in the table. ”A stair!”.
They all rushed the two or three steps that were inbetween and observed this aswell as Ragal also pointed his fire to the false table.
”There are might be tunnels down there” he said.
”Are they safe?” Nemeja asked.
”No body can know. I feel no smell nor hear any movement down there. And I don’t know how big it could be. Will we fit down there?”

”The legend of Melzek. It was said that he was a god. His origins were unknown. But… it was told that his offspring were both those of humans and uncreated gods.”
”I think that I heard some stories about him.”
”Yes indeed, it is the most popular story about the unity between the gods and the mortals!”, ”A classic!”, he exclaimed in joy.
”What’s up with you? You are full of happiness since we entered this place!” Bratak asked the wizard.
”Perhpas I am filled. But I feel the gods working in this place.” he said overwhelmed by their power and grace. ”They don’t choose to show their works to too many. Only few can see it. You can see it all around you, everytime. But you don’t understand that those are truly their works! In this temple, we can see their ways with a pair of fresh new eyes. Isn’t this such which the mortals seek for all their life? To truly see their works!”
”I saw colors in those carvings in chopped stone.”
”It’s their way of speaking. As it looks like at the moment, they read your needs as they could very well have taken notice of the spirits that are enchanting your pure gifts, And that is how they knew what to do with the warrior statue.”
”What do you speak of? What does the legend has to do with the tunnel that was just revealed to us?” Rumir asked the wizard.
”The story says that he was found in a temple. If the gods allow us, we will all be more than human after the trials of the temple. We can hope for that.”
”So you think that the gods will grant us, what? Wisdom, intelligence, powers, spirits, presence? What could they possibly do with us?”
”You can take a look at our companion” he said while he directed his face toward her, right at his right, but a bit behind. ”They heal her! That kind of gifts might be exactly what you get in the end of this quest.”
”So, you mean that we will come like those creatures of these woods?”
”Yet better.”
”Ha! Apprentice perhaps.”
”But is that really what we need? Or is it your wishfull thinking?”
”That might be what they find suitable for us.”
No one of them speak further but they looked seriously in the eyes.
”Cool!” Rumir exclaimed after a couple of moments.
”Can’t we just go now?” Nemeja asked. ”And you know, see what is benneath the ground?”//

In this hole that went deep under the temple, was no place for shields. The walls were all narrowed and was perhaps three ”famnar” wide. They climbed downwards on the stairs. It took them a couple of moments to get into a tunnel that runned both to the left and to the right. It was wider than the hole that lead them this way. It was all dirt.

An easy breeze came from deeper long beyond. There was another entry to this place.
”This way we would be able to come at the at the other end. We should explore!” Ragal told admiring the challenge. A funny task this was for him.
They saw a light in the darkness. A big flash was approaching them at a speed that made them surprised. There was no time for a reaction. It came from the way ahead. A couple of moments and they were no more.

Time froze and everyone saw their own body and were raised from there to above earth and out of the planet. At first, they did not recognize what it was. They had no understanding for such things. They saw another simillar object approaching and they understood what they saw. And it replaced the first one, the planet of their beings. They felt safe in this place and with the vision. Then they returned to their bodies and time started to run again.
”A vision of a new world? All chaos and destruction destroyed? Is that what they will grant us? What does it mean?” Nemeja asked.
”We are in their Realm now. Perhaps we will get more time..” Merek said. He looked at the others, and one of the rangers was shocked.
”Was that… was that death?” he asked. Bratak asked the wizard.
”There are some people in this world that must have seen this before us… We should head to the tower and seek the answers. It could have been death. The gods can create worlds out of nothing!”

Random ADW

They had them in their thoughts. The World Of The Unknown unveiled ahead of them.
They saw the ideal in their head. A waste behind them. It leaved them as they walked beneath The Mountain . It relieved them.
The creatures they saw were unspoken of before. Now they saw. They opened the eyes and The Unknown striked them as being pleasant, a highly dangerous place in fact. But that they could not see.
The Spirit was born upon them and it did not leaved them now that it was upon them. Treasurers creatures these humans were for The Realm. Hidious yet unknown in strength.
The Spirit was born and active. It carried them as sheeps sent to slaughter. Its powerfull will sourendered the humans born of the Woods. It tricked their mind to see and hear Spirit but it was not real. It existed in their thoughts. And that made it real. Those Born of the Woods crembled now and shivered as their thoughts gave life to the beast behind the Realm.
The Spirit was smart enough to trick them and lead them into a deception pit. A Mosh Pit. Big this cave was. As The Great Wizard have foreseen, The Evil was now within their minds.


Människorna som bodde i Rumat var en annan typ av människor. De tillhörde en annan människoras, som kallades för Rumater.

De var större än vanliga människor. Bredare och mer musklösa. De flesta av folket i Rumat hade skägg och mustasch. Deras utseende samspelat med deras fysik gjorde dem fruktade för den andra människorasen i Hopp.

De var kraftigare och hade en överlägsen styrka. Deras livslängd var dubbel jämfört med de vanliga människornas.

Rumat miljö är fylld av grön gräs och vidöppna vyer. Möjligen finns det backar och stenar också men grönskan uppfyller det som ögat kan greppa.

Städerna är enkla och folket är indelade i stammar. Flera stammar lever tillsammans och i samförstånd i städerna som har hus och andra byggnader uppretad av sten och lera. Gatorna är inte stenlagda och den genomsnittliga staden i Rumat har cirka 1500 invånare. Givetvis finns det en stad som har dubbelt än så – hela 3000 människor – och det är huvudstaden Rakat. Det finns gott om småbyar med högst ett hundratal personer.

Folket i Rumat roar sig med sång och dans och de har övergett tron på sagor och berättelser. Deras civilisation har växt ifrån allt som rör sådant, dock finns det vissa individer, ett fåtal, som fortfarande sprider dem. Stammarna lyssnar gärna till berättelserna om deras ledare och deras bravader och olika slag.

Deras relation med människornas konungariken i Hopp är stabil. Handel dem emellan pågår men inte mer än så. De tar inte varandra till bundsförvanter då bägge raserna följer sina förfäders traditioner först och främst. Anledning till krig finns det inte. Men det vore märkligt om Rumaterna skulle lägga sig i människornas förehavanden.

Rumaterna tyckte inte om konungariken. Det skulle bara ge fördelar till de starkare och kränka dem svaga, och där visade dem stor vishet. För eftersom de var delade i stammar, kunde stammarna ändå samleva för de hade gemensamma förfäder och det värderade detta folkslag från Norr mycket högt. Men konungariken var ämnade för att få till makt och deras tycke speglade sig i relationerna som de hade med konungarikena söderut.


Göra alvkonungarna till prinser.
Glaciärer i Norr på Mörkalv gruppen som beger sig på uppdrag.
Ett plot om bedrägeri
Ett föremål som andra också efterfrågar om
Halils till 20 mana gruppen av Dark elves.
“I det väldiga och vidsträckta landet Hopp…”
Their minds are Twisted och corupted.
Orcher med känslor för efterlivet
“The mortals begun to investigate”
There is no purpose in finding out things about the extraordinary and then keeping it for yourself
Göra ett föremål som betyder ngt för den kmr “från hjärtat”
“They say that this world is unreal, with no foundation, with no controller. They say it is produced of sex desire and has no cause other than lust.”- Veda Skrifterna

#ADW Random thoughts part 2

The deer stod, majestic, on his four legs and showing off his big crown of horns. Majestic and Elegant. The animal was white and Holy.

The mortals feared this animal because it was said that it got angry with any sinner and that it would attack them. It was well- known for that habbit. They were called Habil. Habil meaning “that wich lights up” and used to describe the males’ shinning blue light in the horns. Because of the Habil, it used to light up in the Dark and was named Holy and Sacre among the human children.

One of them now stood in front of them in entire emanicipation towards the group. Shinning in fully beauty and splendour. Some of the soldiers were adraid because of their sin. But others, embraced the animal. Wisdom poured from The Light into the observer, enlightening him with Sacred Knowledge. The Spirit of the observer received it’s Wisdom just by looking at it.

Soldiers weren’t used to this much Wisdom as it weren’t in their job. But for a split second they just grasped This and understood that it was Timeless. A feeling of which they wished bad for it not to vanish. Consisted by what they aught to be Blades of Fortune, a spirituality of Ancient Times, it was still not mainstream for these soldiers. They still couldn’t grasp it as effectively as these sourcerers did.

But their sorccerers were too proud to understand that they alone did not had the Knowledge. There were always times that they could have known more but yet, they were completely unaware of that.
“That Which Persist Is To Be Keepen”, so it was told about this kind of magic. One which Persists in all Halils and which’s spark reside within The Every Living Soul.

And they did not show upp for wizards but for the Luckily Choosen.

ADW random anteckningar

Tankarna far ut ur huvudet. De spred som som tentakler av flamma runt om och de vässte turbulent.

Eld och rök, stoft ur Karar-Udur som blev unleashed över Skapelsen. Röcken ur Oskapelsen. Som väste på omgivning i oljud, en torturerande fana. Karar-Udur unleashed upon the mortals. Helvetets hållor som vaknade i han och en demon unleashed.

Inget rollspel här, inte. En fana vars namn var för farlig för att prata om. En viskade odödlig ensam skulle inte vilja vakna den till liv. De höllo sig till den som var rätta och det dem höll sig till det som icke skadade. En icke betänkligt ovilja eller tanke på att ge hän till det.

Men flakeblomman vaknade röken och elden ur Katar-Udur. Den vigde deras synen och öppnade deras vilja.

Men ångan och vattnet representerade den andre födelsen. Den tämjde Katar-Udur och miraklet var att alla hava den. Den kom från ovan från duvorna path i Himlarna när de skådade inne i världrarna från ovan. Döden kände dem icke till. De såg den men de förstodo dom ej på. Den var ingen direkt tanke hos dem. De som inte förhandlade med den och var inte gjutna att känna den till med. En oskådad fana.

Och det det hände hos oss såg dem inte till. De kände på sig att det var bara början. Ett mäktigt folk skulle resa sig sade profetian och det fanns olika tolkningar av den. Den som tämjer elden eller de som skadas av den, hade olika syften. De som tämjde skulle resa sig och förbli bland legenderna genom att forma framtiden. Hur, skulle de inte veta men profetian besannades.
Folket missbrukade sitt ego och de lät inte den infalla. Därför hände detta nu.

Avskog var i fullt fart och tämjde den på att jobba med den. Deras vassa knivar var smedade i Kadar-Udurs flamma. De brände men de höll den gömd för befolkningen. Dom agerade utan vittnen som nattens skuggor och deras ögon brände av förtärande eld. Hell unleashed upon dem. The gatan to the Dark Place behind their realm. Den mörka Gatan. Deras andar helt utslagna av den brännande paniken om att inte visa upp sig.

Vissa bland dem gav sig ut på jakt och agerade med att jaga och skapa brotten för att kunna visa upp sig mera för almänheten och dödade alla de lekte med om det fanns läkemän bland de utvinglande, karavanrånarna, skatten som skulle inte drivas in som gav dem kontakt med många. Konungens män föll offer för deras hänsynslösa mord, allt för att vinna mer makt i sina fraktioner där de stod vid.

På dagtid brändes deras deras ögon av hat och polerade omgivning i the realm of unknown, saknaden av vatten var inte alltid menat. Och då gick det dåligt. Ett snack om att Guden var På Väg förnedrade deras omgivning. De förespråkade och tog ifrån dem Hopp. Vad skulle de nu ge sig in på? Var det försent?

Gudens män agerade på bägge sidor.
Tur med de som förespråkade för det sänkte dem vatten och deras mörker var nu Ljus för de Utvalda. Det var alla i slutna Utvalda. Ryktet om ett Enat folk?
Vad var skillnaden mellan dessa Utvalda och Dem Visa, Trollkarlarna?

Det skulle tiden utvisa.



(Image from:||www*wallcoo*net|nature|beautiful_china_winter|images|amazing_beaituful_winter_scenery_in_china_0787*jpg/)

Träden var inte främmande för ögat. De växte väl vilt och deras kronor var täckta av snö. Trädstammen var också täckt av snö på den nordliga sidan. Träden hade allihop olika storlek. Den varierade. Vissa var lika höga och tjocka som de största i Skogen, andra var mindre till storlek.

Buskar fanns det gott om också men de flesta var helt snötäckta. De största syntes fortfarande trots snön.

Och gruppen talade sinsemellan.

“Vi kan övernatta i de större buskarna.”, föreslog Arturir, ledaren för denna mörkalv grupp som hade sänds ut på uppdrag utav Ereondir, den rättfärdiga konungen över en ras som var lika besvärlig som den var ny i Hopp.

Deras blotta framträdande hade gjort stort intryck på människorna. Dem var varken vänner eller ovänner till varandra. Men de var så gott som förvissade från de övriga i sitt släkte. Det ansågs att dessa två olika alvgrupperingar icke skulle beblandas då man visste icke vad som kunde komma att ske med åkomman.

“Snön kanske skänker oss lite värme ändå”, svarade en ur gruppen.

“Förvisso. Den skyddar oss mot den nordliga vinden. I buskarnas skydd är vi säkra ifrån att frysa.”

De hade inte en susning om hur långt de skulle resa. Ordern var tydlig: att hitta “det”. Och vad “det” skulle vara skulle de veta först när de hittat det.

Ingen ville göra Ereondir besviken så deras insats skulle vara hög i viljestyrka.

“Jag undrar om ifall vi kommer att stöta på något djur i denna snö.”, undrade samma gruppmedlem som hade sagt att snön kanske kan komma att skänka alverna värme ändå.

“Det är mycket möjligt. Bara det inte är vargflock eller något stort. Det vore bara besvärligt.”, svarade Arturir.

Arturir var en mycket skicklig taktiker. Innan förbannelsens ande föll över dem, så var han en av de högsta i Cimandors armé. Han hade varit mycket uppskattad utav härarnas konungar. Det är sant att man inte mycket kände till om landet bortom Hopp, men hans insats vid Sirsarath talade sitt tydliga språk.

Lauriel var utmattad. En natt och dags vandring nådde nu sin avslut.

“Vi får sova ovanpå våra sköldar.”, sade honalven.

“Ja, det är bäst så. Då blir inte vi blötta.”, sade Arturir. “Ät nu av det bröd som vi fick med oss. Näring håller oss starka i kylan.”

Det var nu nästan helt mörkt för molnen täckte skyn.

“Dagarna känns kortare här än söderut.”, sade hon.

“Det är för att dem är det också”, sade en annan.

“Jag saknar Cimandor”, sade en annan.

“Det gör nog vi alla.”, sade Arturir och lade en hand på sin kamrats vänstra axel då han kom bakifrån. “Vi får trängas på. Vi får nog plats med tre till fem män under samma buske.”

Mörkret var nästan helt över dem då Lauriel såg det. Ett par höga och stora buskar bredvid varandra.

“Där får vi nog alla plats.” sade hon.

“Ja, dom såg jag redan. Ser du dem andra?”, frågade Arturir och pekade på tre stycken som var nära dem buskarna.

“Ja, jag har sett dem.”

“De scoutade precis buskarna.” Sedan vände han sig mot resten, som var emellan dem fyra och de tre som hade scoutat buskarna och talade högt, såsom en ledare borde:

“Ställ era sköldar under dem buskarna!”, samtidigt som han pekade på dem. “Inom kort är det för mörkt för att se något.”

Och resten följde hans order och de hann precis med att placera sköldarna så att de fick allihop plats och lade sig på dem. Buskarnas öppning pekade mot Öst, så att vindarna från Norr skulle inte visa sig vara ett problem för dem under natten.

Vissa av dem började snarka nästan direkt. Snacka om utmattning! Resten försökte tränga bort deras snarkande. Lauriel sov precis bredvid Arturir, som sov längst till höger då man såg på busken framifrån. Alltså sov han längst mot Norr bland alverna som tog sin boning i buskarna.

Lauriel ögon höll på att stängas. Hon försökte vara vaken för hon skulle vakta men hon såg dubbelt. Så hon väckte Arturir. Precis när hon skulle somna viskade han till henne.

“Ser du? Kolla rakt framför oss!”

Det tog en liten stund för henne att se normalt och vakna upp.

“Jag ser. Vad är det?

Det var ljus som lyste framför dem.

Itril, som låg till höger om Lauriel sade

“Använd din hörsel.”

Alvernas hörsel var mycket utvecklad. De kunde höra steg på hundratals meters avstånd. Långt bättre än människornas hörsel. Deras sinnen var överlag bättre utvecklade än de dödliga sinnen.

“Men jag hör ju ingenting?”, svarade hon.

“Precis”, sade Itril. “Det är jinner som leker i mörkret”