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Buzz Bingo’s ‘Insta Wealth 2020’- study on top Instagram earners from March 2019 to March 2020 is out now.

The top three spots remain unchanged from the year before. Cristiano Ronaldo is still the best paid influencer on the platform with an Insta income of $50.3 million. The study reveals he posted 43 sponsored posts during the period and that translates to $1,17 million per post. He  has the biggest account with over 226 million followers.

At number two we have another football star: Lionel Messi, with $30,4 million in revenue. It’s a total increase of over $7 million from the 2019- chart and he is also paid better – almost $100k more per ad-post.

Systers Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner claim the following spots.

David Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Neymar, Selena Gomez, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Gal Gadot, Ronaldinho, Robert Lewandowski, Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith are also on the list.


The funny and incredible FB page Phony Texts has just hit a HUGE milestone – over 800 thousands (!!!) Facebook users are following them.

Phony Texts publishes (orchestrated) text conversations. All of them gain viral status. It can be anything from a discussion between a couple to whatever you can think of.

Now, followers and likes are not quite the same BUT now a days followers may turn out to be more important. When you follow a certain page, you’ll get notifications whenever something new is posted, which’ll grant faster and wider exposure.

UFC 207 – Ronda Rousey vs Amanda Nunes Full Fight – 31/12/2016

‘MIITOMO’ Is The Most Downloaded iOS Game In The US In Its First Day

According to Nintendoeverything, Miitomo is the most downloaded game right now on the iOS and tops the games section on App Store in US.

Also, reports say that the game could beat 200 000 downloads during its first 24 hours. There is no word on the Android version, but in the UK’s App Store, Miitomo was number 36 on free games on March, 31.

Nintendo’s First App Already In Top 50 On App Store

Miitomo is Nintendo‘s first mobile app and it’s more a kind of social media, with chat functions among its users. It has been out in Japan for a while but saw the daylight in the UK and the US just today, and guess what? It already made its way to top 50 on App Store. Currently it’s ranked at #36 among the free apps (in UK). We know it because of this picture just posted on twitter:

Thanks to Twitter user NinBendo

One Awesome Twitter Account To Follow

50NerdsofGrey is a twitter account that makes parody of the book and movie 50 Shades of Grey by tweeting nerdy jokes with a touch of erotica.

The profile description reads:
“Erotica for the discerning geek”

Make sure you follow or add to your lists 50NerdsofGrey !



The History Of Hashtags (Infographic)



The Most Used Emojis On Twitter This Year


According to TwitterData the emojis above are the most used on the social media platform this year. 

No 1 was used 6.6 billion times (!). 

#APP: #InstaSize – Resize Your Pictures To Be Able To Share Them On #Instagram

Instasize is an app available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. I use it on my Samsung Galaxy S5 all the time, and it allows me to resize the photos I wanna share so they fit for Instagram.

As you might already know, Instagram doesn’t allow to share photos bigger than a certain resolution. But InstaSize fits your picture to be uploaded. The app can be used to upload pictures on other social media services as well, like Twitter or Facebook.

Available now on AppStore, Google Play and Windows Store.

Click on the picture to learn more.

I Am Starting To Use #CoPromote

CoPromote is a cross-marketing platform for Tweeps, Youtubers, Tumlers and Viners.

It is used by more than 500 000 conent makers and it works in that way that when you share someboy else’s post by reposting it, you gain reach points. These reach points allows your posts to be reposted by other content makers to their followers.

The site is used and trusted by brands and artists such as Universal, Twotter Small Biz, Pitbull and Imagine Dragons.

I am planning to share posts from Twitter that link to posts here on WordPress.




An Unlike Button could soon come to Facebook.

That was rebealed by Facebook’s founder and CEO – Mark Zuckerberg – during an QA at the company’s HQ. He told that a button or at least a modality to show dislike will soon come to the social network.

At the same time he told that implementing such a button is harder than he thought.     



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