FOOTBALL: Highlights And Goals From SWEDEN – FRANCE 2-1 (JUNE 9, 2017) WC QUALIFIER


Mario Sports Superstar is a game developed by Nintendo for 3DS.It was initially announced during a Nintendo Direct event 5 months ago and features 5 different type of sports: soccer, baseball, tennis, golf and horse racing.

You can check out the trailers for soccer and baseball below:

FIFA decides on expansion of the FIFA World Cup to a 48-team competition as of 2026

The FIFA council has voted in favour of expanding the FIFA World Cup tournament number of teams from today’s 32 to 48 by the WC tournament 2016.

There will be 16 groups of 3 teams. The teams will face eachother and the first 2 in each group will move through to knockout stages. The new system has been unanimously voted by the council members.