SONY Releases Sales Numbers For The Holidays

According to Sony, 5,9 million PS4 units were sold during the holidays. It’s unspecified how much of these were the PRO version. The number puts the PS4 at 73,6 million sold units, and is just 10 millions behind PS3 (total sales numbers are 83,8 millions), yet far away from the PS2’s total numbers (155 million during its life span).

There were 6,2 millions PS4 sold the under the same period the year before, but this time, the software sold more – 55,9 million games against 50 million in 2016. The numbers are combined for both retail- and digital- sales. December 2017 was Playstation Store’s best month ever.

Gaming Addiction Set To Be Recognised As A Mental Health Disorder

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has for the first time, included “gaming disorder” in its list of mental health conditions in a draft of its 11th International Classification of Diseases guidelines, which will be published in 2018.

The WHO charactised a gaming disorder as a “pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behaviour” both on or offline.

Notable traits include patients prioritising gaming over “life interests and daily activities and continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurence of negative consequences”.

Patients must have shown symptoms for at least a year before diagnosis, although the guidance states that this is subject to change dependent on the severity of the case.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2017/12/28/gaming-addiction-set-recognised-mental-health-disorder/

‘LEGENDS OF TOMORROW’ Midseason Premiere Trailer

The new episode will feature the return of Matt Ryan as John Constantine. The series will also be moving to a brand-new time slot in the new year as the upcoming Black Lightning will air on Tuesdays at 9 PM after The Flash. The new date and time for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has yet to be revealed.