This is why you shouldn’t drink or do drugs.

Eminem has been sober for over 11 years now. It’s actually twelve on April 20th. I like that even though there’s a lot of alcohol exposure in this video, it also shows the downsides.

Featured on his last album – ‘Music to Be murdered By’ (released on January 17th) – it’s the first track with Juice WRLD released after his death and has just crossed the one million mark in sales in the US, making it eligible for platinum. It also features Eminem’s fastest verse EVER, beating ‘RAP GOD’.

This premiered less than one hour ago as a live stream and features cameos from Dr. Dre and Mike Tyson. Enjoy it and DO NOT drink or do drugs, m’kay?


The Witcher arrives to Netflix this Winter. It’s based on the works by Andrzej Sapkowski and we’ll se Henry Cavill as the protagonist Geralt of Rivia.

Witchers are monster hunters who develop supernatural abilities at a young age. The first season is 8 episodes long.


So a couple of weeks ago, I’ve first heard of a tidbit called chess problems or chess puzzles.

Chess problems are basically to the game of chess what math problems are to math. Pretty obvious, right?

While I haven’t played the sport in a long time, I found it interesting enough to look it up on Youtube and see what’s all about.

A common puzzle could be how to mate in 3 moves. Depending on how advanced (or basic) the puzzle is, you have a certain starting point or a set of pieces. You could step up your skills by solving some of the problems.
I’ve chosen to embed three playlists, each containing a couple of puzzles.

For more fun and challenging problems (YouTube videos), follow this link.


Stars such as Jason Statham(Transporter, Crank, Fast & Furious) and Conor McGregor(MMA star) had showed their precision skills in the gone viral challenge Bottle Cap Challenge. What’s all about? Well, check out the two videos bellow:

The following video claims “the truth behind the challenge(how it all began)”.