More gameplay sequences from ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ have emerged and we’re in for more “starting June 6“, according to developer Larian Studios.

The title was announced last year (on June 6th). At the end of February this year, gameplay footage premiered.


Last May, a new title from Laria – the makers of Divinity: Original Sin – was teased.

One week later – Baldur’s Gate III was cofirmed along with an official announcement trailer. Single-player and multi-player was confirmed while stated it would be Laria’s biggest title yet, with over 300 employees at that time.

The hype around the Internet was, and still IS big, as fans have been waiting for 20 years for the trequel.

One hour of gameplay has been revealed today at the PAX East 2020. Here it is:

I haven’t seen it yet but planning to, sometime during this weekend, and will probably share my two cents. Here’s another cool stuff meanwhile – the official opening cinematic (in 4K):

As stated during at the above PAX East 2020 demo, it will enter early access within the next few months. The final game will most likely launch in 2020 and is so far confirmed for PC and Google Stadia.


During this evening’s Google Stadia, the next project from the makers of Divinity: Original Sin was officially announced and it’s (as rumored : Baldur’s Gate III.

It’s Laria‘s biggest project ’til now with a team of over 300 people. There will be both single- and multi – player. It’s announced for PC and Stadia with no official release date.

You can subscribe on the game’s official site for updates.


The picture above is taken from Larian’s website – the developers behind Divinity: Original Sin 2. It MUST be a teaser for an upcoming project.

However, insted of Divinity: Original Sin 3, which would be the most logical conclusion, sources are claiming it’s in fact a tease for Baldur’s Gate III.

Kotaku is convinced it may be.

My opinion? Well, the more isometric RPGs we get, the merrier. I would expect an official announcement around, or – at – E3.

#GAMING: ‘BALDUR’S GATE’ Expansion Announced

A new expansion in the Baldur’s Gate saga has been announced.

Siege of Dragonspear is set between Baldur’s Gate I and Baldur’s Gate II.

The events between Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition are at last revealed in this exciting new expansion to the original game.

Though Sarevok is dead and his plan for war averted, peace eludes the citizens of Baldur’s Gate. A crusade marches in the north, seizing supplies, forcing locals into military service, and disrupting trade along the Sword Coast. A charismatic warrior known as the Shining Lady leads this army, her background shrouded in mystery. Can the rumors be true—is she, like you, the child of a god?

The closer you get to the Shining Lady, the more you realize your father, the dead Lord of Murder still casts a long shadow upon your path. Baldur’s Gate has put its faith in you, but you must determine whose interests you truly serve before you face the Shining Lady among the ruins of Dragonspear Castle…

There is no release date yet but the developers say it will be out “soon” for PC, Mac and Linux and later on for Android and iOS.