A new ‘Battlefield’- game is ariving 2021. DICE is once again behind the next instalment, these things being officially confirmed now.

Back in October last year, publisher Electronic Arts told that it will be released sometime during the company’s fiscal year 2020, which means sometimes between
April 2021 to March 2022.

As the support for ‘Star Wars: Battlefront 2’ and ‘Battlefield V’ is being narrowed, more resources are directed to the project, which will be “targeting new innovation that will be enabled by next-gen platforms“. That means Xbox Series X and PS5 versions are incoming.

It’s also stated by the source that EA has said a 2021- release is better becuase of the new consoles’ install base.

Source: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/battlefield-returns-in-2021-for-ps5-and-xbox-serie/1100-6476603/

‘BATTLEFIELD V’ Launch Trailer

Battlefield V is out worldwide November 20.

‘BATTLEFIELD V’ Will Have 8 Multiplayer Maps At Release

Learn about the battlefields of France, Holland, Norway, and North Africa.

A Gorgeous New ‘BATTLEFIELD V’ Trailer

Watch a deep dive on Battlefield V, including details on our new Battle Royale mode ‘Firestorm’, Single Player War Stories, Multiplayer maps and modes, and our free post-launch live service, Tides of War. This is World War 2 like you’ve never seen or played before. Welcome to Battlefield V.

New ‘BATTLEFIELD 5’ Trailer

See new maps and gameplay in the official Battlefield V Gamescom Trailer. From the shattered streets of Rotterdam to the burning sands of North Africa, Battlefield will never be the same.

In stores October 19

EA Games Announces ‘BATTLEFIELD V’

After countless rumors and reports, Battlefield V has been confirmed by EA. There are no more details about the game at this time but the game’s full reveal is slated for May 23 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET / 9 PM BST (2 PM AET).

45 Minutes Of ‘BATTLEFIELD 1’ Multiplayer Gameplay

The footage is from EA Play 2016, EA’s press conference at E3 2016. Enjoy, dudes!

‘BATTLEFIELD 1’ Reveal Trailer Has Been Viewed 30 Million Times


Just released 9 days ago, the trailer for Battlefield 1 has reached the insane milestone of 30 million (!!!) views.

‘BATTLEFIELD 5’ To Be Revealed Next Week

DICE will reveal the next installment of the Battlefield series next Friday, May 6 at a “world premiere” event.

The game will be revealed to attendees of the event, before a global livestream shows off as-yet unspecified details at 1pm PT / 4pm ET / 9pm BST”.
Source: IGN



Infographic With Some Stats For The Online Part Of ‘BATTLEFIELD: HARDLINE’

Battlefield Hardline is the latest installment in the Battlefield- series. This game is developed by EA’s Visceral Games instead of the Swedish developer DICE, who depelovep all the previous part of the series.

Visceral Games has now released a short inforgraphic with some stats from the game. The stats are from the online part of the game, which I guess that most players play or will play. Check them out below:

Thanks to Gamereactor Sweden for this nice infographic!

#Gaming: ‘#BATTLEFIELD: #HARDLINE’ #Beta Is Coming To All Platforms #spel

According to Battlefield Hardline‘s official website, the beta will be open for all platforms.

You’ve been asking about it, waiting for it, and while we can’t tell you everything (like when it’s coming), we’re dropping the first details about the Battlefield™ Hardline beta today.

First things first: It’s open to everyone and on all platforms – PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360®, PS4™ and PS3™. So no matter where you roll or how you roll, you have a way to get in.
Source: http://www.battlefield.com/hardline/beta-info

The game is scheduled to release on March 17.

#Gaming: New ‘BATTLEFIELD: HARDLINE’ Gameplay Trailer #spel