The three of them costed around $20. It was worth it. As you may have noticed, I am alot into superheroes; both DC and Marvel and that has influenced the story- report of this awesome corner of the Internet.

I begun to see Thor: The Dark World on NETFLIX the other day. Impressed so far. Thor: Ragnarok will be lots of fun.

Black Panther has already proven to be a hit, only exceeded by Infinity War this year. The soundtrack was fire (stream it on Spotify like ASAP; it features KENDRICK LAMAR, 2 CHAINZ, ANDERSON .PAAK, JAY ROCK, FUTURE, THE WEEKND, SZA AND MANY MORE!!).

I wasn’t impressed by Ant-Man (have yet to see it) but I got hyped by its sequel. That makes it worth to be picked up.

I’ve seen Infinity War in the cinema and will see Endgame, without a doubt. Perhaps the GREATEST movie EVER MADE, after the Lord of the Rings- trilogy.

My GREATEST WISH is for MARVEL to RELEASE A BLU RAY BOX COLLECTION with all their movies since 2008’s Iron Man. PLEASE MARVEL, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! 🙏🙏🙏

‘BLACK PANTHER’ To Reach $900 Million GLOBALLY

While at its third weekend since release, Marvel’s Black Panther dominates the box office both domestically(US) and internatinally(outside of US).

The film grossed $65,7 million in US and $56,2 million overseas during the past weekend. It has now pulled over $500 million in North America ($505,1) and almost $400 million ($396,6 to be exact) on other markets. That makes it to $897,7 million and will pass the $900 million mark globally this week. To all these numbers, China will also start to add up, as the movie is set to release there next weekend.

It will become Marvel’s fifth film to reach $900 million globally and it’s already the 10th-biggest grossing film ever in the US.