Here is the cover:

Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood

Story by: Chris Metzen

Written by: Paul Cornell

Art by: Mat Broome, Michael O’Hare, Eddie Nunez, Roy Allan Martinez, Ale Garza, Mike Bowden

Cover Artist: Kevin Tong

112 page hardcover graphic novel


Release date: June 7th


Discover how three of Azeroth’s greatest champions forged their first alliance, in the official graphic prequel to the Warcaft movie from Legendary, Universal Pictures and Blizzard Entertainment.

In a fantasy action epic set decades before the film, the young and headstrong Llane, Lothar, and Medivh embark on a mission of vengeance that will forge them into heroes… the kind of heroes Azeroth will need in its darkest hour.

Interview With ‘CAPTAIN SWEDEN’s Creator – Jörgen Berthage

Captain Sweden‘s creator: Jörgen Berthage


Geekeenboy meets the creator of Swedish superhero Captain Sweden. Read the interview with its creator and find out what inspires him, who ‘The Captain‘ is and what we could expect from both Jörgen and his creation. We wrote an article in which we presented the character to our readers, so you could read that aswell.



1. How did the idea of ‘CAPTAIN SWEDEN’ came to you?
Well, basically It came from the lack of Swedish or European Superheroes. We all know the American ones but if I ask you to name a Italian Superhero its not that easy.The swedish superheroes thats been  created here is mostly  parodys or joke orientated. I want to create  something else. A real supehero story set in a Scandinavian enviroment .First I came up with a concept of a Nordic superhero group but as the idea developed I decided to make him a much more independent  character. Now he is a Urban city lonewolf character protecting  Gothenburg.

2. Can you describe the superhero’s background?

Captain Sweden is actually a normal guy. No flasy superpowers. The story is about two brothers, Jonas and Tony Mendez who grow up in Gothenburg, Swedens’ second largest city. Tony Mendez is a Skatepro nicknamed “Captain Sweden”. One day when the two brothers return to a skatepark they discover a gang beating up another guy. Tony, who is the older brother, interferes and gets stabbed by the gangleader. Later Tony dies from his injuries. Jonas grows up alone with his mother who goes into a deep depression and gets hospitalized. Jonas decides to become a masked protector for the city . He takes the name of Captain Sweden as a secret honour to his late brother. The costume embodies the name.

3. What or which are you inspirational source/sources?
I grew up in the 80s so back then swedish kids could read Superman, Spiderman ,Tarzan they all had their own comics. Of course the Phantom was very popular here aswell and still is for many. On TV i watched Gi.Joe, Bravestarr all these cartoons and there even was a superhero teddybear called Superted  wich I loved when i was like 6 years old. Later on I was a huge Todd Mcfarlane fan and I remember when i got my hands on Spawn #1 in a comicbook shop in Gotheburg. I was so impressed with the artwork,those colours in the Image books where mindblowing. So I guess as an artist you take alot of inspiration from your childhood popculture and mix it with all the comics and cool movies you ever seen. As far as Comicbook artist goes, I looked up to John Byrne, Neal Adams, Todd Mcfarlane, Liefeld, all the Image guys was a huge influence. Nowdays I would say Tony S Daniel but I still follow Todds projects and the Image founders, Its nice to see those guys are still around 20 + years later. But I have gotten  better at finding my own style in later years, After alll  you dont want to be a copycat.To be original, to be a pioneer. Thats my ambition. To create something unique and entertain people.

4. Do you see, or should we see, any similarities with comic book characters such as ‘CAPTAIN AMERICA’ and ‘DEADPOOL’?

With Captain America, the obvious inspiration is in the name “Captain+Country” and the concept of creating a superhero costume that has elements of a flag in it, but thats basically it. Captain Sweden took that name to honour his dead brother who was known as “Captain Sweden” to the Skatecommunity. Therefore he is not a patrionic character in that sense.For Captain Sweden  Its a nickname not a military rank.

Captain America is a soldier, Captain Sweden is a civilan. Captain Sweden has no superpowers and is not controlled by the goverment or any organisation.He has more in common with, for example Batman than Captain America. Ive been asked about Deadpool before and I guess they mean the fully covered facemask but for me, my refrence was Spider-mans mask and the way swedish soccerfans paint their faces with the yellow cross and blue facepaint going to soccergames. I read alot of Liefelds Youngblood stuff in the 90´s but I wasnt aware of Deadpool until recent years when he became popular.  Again with the superpowers, his healingpower and the fact that Deadpool kills his enemies I dont see many similarities between them as characters.


© Jörgen Berthage 2016
Sneak peek preview from the comics.


5. When can we read about ‘CAPTAIN SWEDEN’s adventures?
Early on I made a misstake an announced a Graphic Novel date that I couldnt hold so I wont do that again. Ive make everything myself from pencil artwork, inks, colouring and lettering so Its taken me a long time. Right now, I have a 10-pages coloured  comicbook story finished and I would love to submit that to Swedish  publisher. If that doesnt happen Im gonna go for selfpublishing maybe as a Kickstarter project.

In that case it will be a 22 page comic with 10 comicbook pages and the rest will be fact files on characters, artgallery, Maps and stuff like that. I used to love reading about secret lairs or like the Gi.Joe Fact files cards and Marvels Superhero files. Hopefully Captain Sweden fans will enjoy that aswell. It will be in Swedish first but I also want to make an english version that will probably be published online.There is some interesting projects  happening in small print companies here so an alternative is to publish my 10 pages in an Anthology comic so Im looking into that aswell. I will announce a specif publication date once its all decided. On captain swedens facebook page and twitter. My goal is still to make a Grapic Novel but this short story will be published first to satisfy my very patient Captain sweden Fanboys and Fangirls.


6. What more adventures are there to come to ‘CAPTAIN SWEDEN’?
Well only the future will tell for sure but Im getting new ideas all the time. Iwe written an short synopis fo a Christmas story that also is an origin story for one of Captain Swedens enemies.  A superhero is only as good as his villians so Im trying to come up with really great villains. To me, Batman has the best villains in Comics. The Joker, the riddler I mean, amazing characters. In the Captain Sweden Universe the characters dont really have superpowers but some have magical powers and things like Time or dimension portals is possible.The occult and supernatural events.  So for instance there might be an elseworld story where Captain Sweden finds himself in ancient  times.. The first story will be a origin intro and then cuts to  many years later when he acts as Captain Sweden.

 © Jörgen Berthage 2016
Sneak peek preview from the comics


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The Vikings comic book series will feature politics, intrigue, betrayal and sword-swinging combat. It takes place within the third season and will follow Ragnar Lothbrok as he leads his Northmen on a new saga of glory and plunder.”

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Meet ‘CAPTAIN SWEDEN’ – A Swedish Superhero/Comic

It is known that Sweden and perhaps not even Europe has a superhero or produce comics based on either Swedish or European superheroes, even thought there is concept for some really badasses.

Artist Jörgen Berthage ambition is to change that and animate a Swedish masked superhero. The project seems to have begun in 2012. Via the project’s facebook page, I have learned that Captain Sweden is featured on a list of European Superheroes. And there I found the synopsis, which is the following:

The story is about two brothers, Jonas and Tony Mendez who grow up in Gothenburg, Swedens’ second largest city. Tony Mendez is a Skatepro nicknamed Captain Sweden. One day when the two brothers return to a skatepark they discover a gang beating up another guy. Tony, who is the older brother, interferes and gets stabbed by a gangleader. Later he dies from his injuries. Jonas grows up alone with his mother who goes into a deep depression and gets hospitalized. Jonas decides to become a masked protector for the city . He takes the name of Captain Sweden as a secret honour to his late brother. Captain Sweden was created by Jörgen Berthage and is a current comic-book project.
Source for both picture and synopsis: http://europeisnotdead.com/video/images-of-europe/european-superheroes/

The current project can be found on Twitter: http://twitter.com/imcaptainsweden and has over 70 followers and there is also a facebook page with over 170 likes. You can find it here: http://facebook.com/imcaptainsweden. You can at least pay the creator a visit to one of Captain Sweden‘s places of hangaround or give it a like in order to follow giveaways with a real chance to win. The latest giveaway was just past Christmas.

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The series will explore the past and the future of the Na’vi, the race of the movie and according to the source, it has the blessings of director David Cameron.

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