‘DARK SOULS REMASTERED’ Enhancements Trailer

Return to Lordran and prepare to eye all the NEW enhancements we’ve made to DARK SOULS REMASTERED! Pick up your copy today for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.



The remastered version of Dark Souls will have support for HDR and flows on 60 fps. Available May 25 for Switch, Xbox, PC and PS4.

‘DARK SOULS III’ Launch Trailer

Do you fear death? Can you feel it creeping under your skin as your breath becomes heavier and heavier? Your sword may fail you and your shield may not hold up against the unleashed legions of hell, unveiled upon you. Can you leave your mark and legacy to a world that it’s in flames? Or will everything perish?

The day is finally here, Dark Souls III is now available worldwide on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Guy Finishes ‘DARK SOULS III’ In Under 2 Hours

RPG game Dark Souls III will arrive in the West on April 12, but it’s already available in Japan.

Speedrunner Jung Ho Min has managed to finish the game in 1 hour, 42 minutes and 10 seconds, which he has shown in the video below. I must warn you for spoilers, though. Enjoy, dudes!

An Animated Short Movie About ‘DARK SOULS III’ Released

An animated short movie about Dark Souls III by Eli Roth has been released and you can find it below.

The game is already available in Japan and will arrive in the West for XONE,  PS4 and PC on May, 12.