Days Gone

This featurette’ll give you insight on the wildlife in the game. The Freaker virus has corrupted animals, turning lots of creatures into dangerous predators against the human survivors in this open-world title.

Days Gone is developed by Sony’s own Bend Studio and is a PS4 exclusive. Releases 26 April. Available for pre-order on the PlayStation store.


While some BIG BLOCKBUSTER AAA games like WATCHDOGS, THE DIVISION and ANTHEM have all gotten (visually) downgraded in comparision with their reveal- footage, SONY BEND’s has managed to do the exact opposite with the PS4 exclusive open-world zombie title DAYS GONE.

DAYS GONE is out in lesser than a month but looks even better with every new footage released. The video below shows this by showcasing different builds (versions) of the game and the latest footage shows superior lightning.