Aquaman has already had its premiere in a couple o markets and both critics and audience agree that it could be the strongest installment in the DCEU.

In cinemas now in UK and Sweden and lands at the US box office on December 21.


DC’s ‘TITANS’ Robin Featurette

Get a behind the scenes look at Dick Grayson aka Robin played by Brenton Thwaites. Watch Titans every Friday on DC Universe streaming service.

In countries outside of US it will be available on Netflix.


Crisis on Infinite Earths will premiere on The CW in the Fall of 2019.

On air January 15.

Monday January 21st on The CW.

Arrow returns with all-new episodes January 21st on The CW

Supergirl returns with all-new episodes January 20th on The CW.

Go behind the scenes with the Arrowverse production team and actress Ruby Rose as they give you a look at Batwoman’s introduction to the DCTV universe.

‘GOTHAM’ Season 5 Premiere Trailer: “The Dark Knight is Coming “

Gotham returns for its fifth and final season on Thursday, January 3 on FOX, and in our exclusive new promo, we get a sense of how Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) is growing closer to embracing his destiny as Batman, even as Gotham City descends further into chaos.