‘SUICIDE SQUAD’ Surpasses ‘DEADPOOL’ At The International Box Office

The latest addition to the DC movieverse and one of the main blockbusters for this summer, has surpassed Deadpool out of the US.

According to the Twittersphere, SUICIDE SQUAD now grossed $419,6 million, compared to Deadpool’s $419,5. Domestically (US), Deadpool is above DC’s villains movie by $40 million.

‘DEADPOOL 2’ Officially Confirmed

After all rumors and more or less confirmation from the director and actors of a sequel, today the bomb dropped on all of us: Deadpool 2 was official announced and confirmed.

Deadpool gained over $700 million worldwide and $300 million in US alone. The movie is also R-Rated and it becamee the highest grossing R- Rated movie ever and the first superhero movie of its kind since Wesley SnipesBlademovies.