Today was the day the event in Hall B started at DREAMHACK WINTER 19: DAY 2. It was opened from 10AM to 8PM (it’s exactly 10PM when I type this).

I took pictures of stuff I think was cool. I also tested 2 indie games and took notes, I will write my impressions and I’ll check out more tomorrow and on Sunday.

DOOM ETERNAL is PLAYABLE. I’ll get my hands on it tomorrow.

#Gaming: #Dreamhack Releases The Official map of DreamHack Winter 2014 #DHW14 #DH20 #LAN #LANParty

Click on the picture for high-res.

Dreamhack releases the official map of dreamhack winter. Dreamhack Winter is held at Jönköping, in Sweden. You can get there in around 3 hours and a half from Stockholm. The date for the event is 27 to 30 November.

Thanks to Dreamhack’s Twitter account for this map!