Today was the day the event in Hall B started at DREAMHACK WINTER 19: DAY 2. It was opened from 10AM to 8PM (it’s exactly 10PM when I type this).

I took pictures of stuff I think was cool. I also tested 2 indie games and took notes, I will write my impressions and I’ll check out more tomorrow and on Sunday.

DOOM ETERNAL is PLAYABLE. I’ll get my hands on it tomorrow.


I am at Dreamhack Winter 2019 and managed to capture some coolness on camera.

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The gates opened at 12.00 and less than 6 hours later, over 3100 persons had checked in.

It’s an impressive number yet the expo (with various exhibitors) starts tomorrow. Also, it IS Thursday, the weekend will therefore be full crowded.

Here’s some of that coolness so long:

DHW19 Dreamhack Winter 2019

DHW19 Dreamhack Winter 2019

DHW19 Dreamhack Winter 2019

DHW19 Dreamhack Winter 2019

DHW19 Dreamhack Winter 2019

DHW19 Dreamhack Winter 2019

DHW19 Dreamhack Winter 2019

DHW19 Dreamhack Winter 2019

#Gaming: #Dreamhack Releases The Official map of DreamHack Winter 2014 #DHW14 #DH20 #LAN #LANParty

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Dreamhack releases the official map of dreamhack winter. Dreamhack Winter is held at Jönköping, in Sweden. You can get there in around 3 hours and a half from Stockholm. The date for the event is 27 to 30 November.

Thanks to Dreamhack’s Twitter account for this map!

Nerd Culture: Old School LAN-party

A LAN party is a temporary gathering of people with computers or compatible game consoles, between which they establish a local area network (LAN), primarily for the purpose of playing multiplayer video games. The size of these networks may vary from the very small (two people) to very large installations of hundreds or more. Small parties can form spontaneously, but large ones usually require a fair amount of planning and preparation

LAN parties have their own unique culture. Enthusiasts often show off computers with extravagant aftermarket cooling systems, LED lighting effects, multi-display setups, and custom-built cases, and many other enhancements.[13] Highly caffeinated drinks, termed energy drinks, are very popular in these events to improve concentration and stamina, since LAN parties often run into the early morning hours.[14] Large parties can last for several days with no scheduled breaks. Often sleep is compromised to play throughout the night and into the next day, although there is often a designated room separated from the LAN party to sleep.

Text source Wikipedia.

Lanparty history in Sweden:




Late 90’s early 00’s





and some extra features!